ZTE's Crowdcreation Attempt


“Imitation is the best form of flattery”.

ZTE has just announced the final specs of their crowdcreated product, the Hawkeye.
It’s flattering to see a big OEM take a leaf out of our playbook and try to bring a unique smartphone into a market crowded by phones that look the same and do the same thing, by using the power of a community willing to bring change into this world.

Here are the specs of this 199$ device:
Android Nougat out of the box
Dual cameras: 12MP + 13MP w/ optical zoom
8MP front-facing camera
5.5-inch 1080p display
Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU
3GB RAM/ 32GB Internal storage (expandable up to 256GB via microSD
DualSIM card connectivity
3,000 mAh battery
USB Type-C, Quick Charge 2.0 capable
Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, NFC

In addition, it’s bringing two intriguing features to the table:
Scrolling based on Eye-Tracking - by recognizing movement of the eyes, pages can scroll automatically up-down or left-right based on movement. Voice commands can be used to navigate between pages.
Stick to Walls and Surfaces with Self-Adhesive Case - with an optional case, the phone can be mounted to a vertical surface, freeing up the need to hold the phone.
So, what do you think?
Do you think that it’s a new sort of smartphone, or one with a couple of new gimmicks?




Anyone spotted the fact that they mention dual cameras, but there’s only one in the images?


Really don’t see anything interesting here. Aiming for a $199 price point really cannot give everything community wants.


Their so-called “community” was a total mess. No order whatsoever. Everyone would list their favorite specs and get 2-5 votes from other visitors. People didn’t even care to read already existing ideas. All they did was post their own threads with nothing but bare specifications that they want. In short: yes, that forum had around 200 threads with almost identical specifications.

Another category of threads was bullshit ideas from people who have absolutely no friggin idea what they’re talking about. They were proposing all sorts of retarded things that wouldn’t even work, wouldn’t even make sense in a rational world. And guess what was the moderators’ response? Always the same message: it looks cool, we will forward it to engineers. I mean, WHAT? A guy is suggesting friggin earbuds that would make the phone run faster. And a moderator says… yeah, looks fine. Not stupid at all. Seriously? Do they even!!!

OK I must end my rant right here. I could dive much deeper into how incredibly retarded their development process was, but I’ve spoiled my mood enough today. I can only make a conclusion that they completely ignored all the suggestions and just used it as a marketing campaign. Otherwise, they would have had to sift through all that mess, which would bring the final price up to… dunno, $1000? It would take AGES to get ANY useful information out of it, mostly because it’s mostly useless. Or quite obvious (I saw 10 threads posted in one day, each of them including 5.5" screen for example)


@pauliunas Savage :joy:


it’s all a big lie. it’s never a crowdfunded project. it’s nothing but a cheap promo campaign for presale.




LOL!!! That is so typical ZTE :smile:


What a predictable shambles!


What ZTE called Crowdsourcing looked like a contest at best for getting ideas on the cheap. I am inclined to think that they most likely do not even care for the product that they are putting out as the result. Sneaky way of sorts. But hey, as they say “you get what you pay for”, following them for the bit one would get a sense that the crowd they got is well in-line with their attempt :joy:


ZTE Hawkeye Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled.
The handset carried a price tag of $199, and less than 200 people had pledged support, which translated into a total of $36,245, compared to the project goal of $500,000.

Source : http://m.gsmarena.com/zte_hawkeye_kickstarter_campaign_has_been_cancelled-news-23499.php

Sorry for the delay, forgot about this thread.