"Your V is about to be shipped"


I think I’ve figured it out!

Based on the shipping announcement by Mike last week, they’re shipping around 78 less units then they should per production run.

I count only 32 boxes in that truck!


Surely if they were delivering more he’d have actually taken pictures with more then the exact same boxes on slightly different pallets?!


Are you shitting me :expressionless:?!

Agreed! Clearly you’re on to something here because they’re loading the exact number of units they were shipping, which we can obviously verify with 100% certainty from a single random picture, at that point in time into a truck. This is obviously a lie! I mean, a truck can’t reach for example the US, they should be loading them onto a plane instead, right? Man, am I glad you noticed this!
Assemble the pitchdorks!

Also, sarcasm. Yes.
How on earth do people even come up with this stuff, geez.


Must be all the time I spend on this forum wishing my Eve V would arrive :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally agree with you ownerer - I HOPE the above isn’t the case.

It’s just a joke to console myself to make light of the situation - but If you have any other recent pictures of pallets with more the the same amount of computers…it suddenly seems a lot more serious then a fake news punt.

It’s easy to put someone down, but you haven’t actually provided any new information to back your point of view aside from “your story is based on a picture which couldn’t possibly represent the total shipment”…call me a cynic.

I’m only too happy to be proven wrong with further picture proof @ Konstantin (or however you spell it :s).

Maybe some people can weigh in and comment here who have recently received their Eve V (those units should be arriving this week after all right?). If we hear from more then 32 people then ownerer is correct. If not…well let’s hope you’re right ownerer.


You only joined June 6th, so I can’t fault you for not having seen all the wild rampant speculation that went on.
But you’re going the same direction right now…

No, I never said it doesn’t represent the whole shipment. You can’t know whether that represents the whole shipment either way. Therefor you shouldn’t assume/speculate that it does or doesn’t. It’s just a picture of some boxes.

Here goes poll #135241657983241 :roll_eyes:
Been there done that, but again, you weren’t here, so can’t fault you.
That doesn’t work. You will never be able to say you heard from x number of people that have received their V.
You will only be able to say you’ve heard from x number of people that have received their V AND participate in the forums.

You will never be able to verify these numbers. Period.
The statistics will always be skewed and therefor pointless.


I agree with all your points ownerer.

I just want to feel some gratification for having parted with circa $3k :frowning: my laptop isn’t here to help address my buyers remorse… so consoling with all you digital homies is the next best thing.

I love you man. Keep fighting the good fight.


Another update from OP…My shipping datehas been readjusted to June 18 to June 30. Fuck. Why even give an ETA if they know damn well they won’t follow through. I suggest they remove the shipping estimate because it’s false hope 100%. Being left in the dark was more comforting than being lied to. Eve you’ve not surprised anybody by not following through on the shipping estimate you’ve only angered all of us more and proved that you’re not yet a reliable company.


I was holding off but this was the one to break me. I’ll be contacting PayPal and my CC company to try and get these charges reversed. I cannot trust I’ll have my device by even the start of Q4 and I have absolutely lost all hope in the continued growth of Eve. Great concept, shit fuck poor execution. I suggest those who’ve waited just to be lied to again do the same. Even if we recieve our device there will be no company to complete repairs or service the device. They’ve made the money they can and, in my opinion, will fail trying to grow. I fully knew the risk I was taking but fuck you for endlessly lying. Remove the estimate. It doesn’t help anybody.


Owned by ownerer.

Since you are new here, let me help out. The first rule of Eve customer service is that you are not allowed to question Eve customer service.

A delay to Eve V shipping is not really a delay, but rather a feature, in that it will make your unboxing of this community-created product even more pleasurable down the road.



already received on 6th June.

my shipping estimator was 4th June to 20th June.

happy user so far! my location is Singapore just in case people wanna know


Don’t worry bruv, I got it.

There’s a lot of angry in this forum - people’s sense of humor kind of get dulled in here.


Awesome news gaggss!

When did you order? Dec 4th?


yes 4th Dec order.
received 6th June!


Epic to hear Giggs! Let us know how it compares to a surface (hoping far better).

7 months is quite a shipping delay though…

I think if I don’t hear an update with shipping confirmation before the 29th June, with an actual date I’m gonna refund & jump ship to Microsoft Surface. I need a laptop this financial year, not next financial year

On another plus side my custom maxed out MacBook Pro is ordered and due in a fortnight :smiley: be very jealous

Hopefully a keyboard cover is enough to protect the keyboard from any crumb issues I’ve been hearing about - I don’t eat at my computer though so should be safe.


I think the time for refund is over… I believe those of us who tried to stick it out are stuck waiting now. I could be wrong, maybe your bank will issue the refund. As far as I know though… they’ve made us their bitches.


Eve promised refunds if not shipped by 30 Jun.


I personally don’t have much confidence in this but they have stated it.


Yes, you do get an email and from the courier.


I know it’s a long shot, but did anyone receive the “your V is about to be shipped” email yet ? Since it’s technically 18th June


I think most banks would be understanding if you can provide solid evidence that you were deceived.


I hope so. I plan to contact them tomorrow. I’m going to sleep on the decision but I may go with the Lenovo 920 Platinum Silver. I really want to be a part of the Eve movement… but they’re making it so damn hard.