"Your V is about to be shipped"


Hello all! I am a December 4th buyer and received an email on May 31st regarding the potential (hopeful) ship date of June 4th. I’ve been extremely patient and my excitement is almost uncontainable now! I’m sure most of you reading this have also been waiting, although I’d be lying if I said I truly believed my Eve will ship (not necessarily arrive) by this time next week. I’ve learned, at the current point in the company’s birth/growth, to have almost no expectations.

My questions to all of my fellow December 4th buyers are: Did you receive this email? Is it time to let our guard down and believe? After sticking it out for 7 months are you still happy with your decision?

Good luck!


No, not yet. Hopefully you gets yours soon and give us your review.


No emails yet since my estimation is June 18-30th. I won’t have the time to call CC company so I’m probably gonna miss the deadline for filing complaints through my financial institution. Honestly, I’m not happy. And I probably won’t be too happy even if the device end up arriving at my doorstep and exceeding my expectations. The chaos throughout the multiple delays was a bit time too much for me (I was expecting 1-2 months delay before I decided to click on the buy button in December)

With that said, my support experience has been excellent, and I always got replies from Eve support in a timely manner. Emmm, I’ve become more conflicted than even before after I bought a 2 years old MBP that works perfectly fine for my purpose. It’s sad for me to say that after 6 months my desire for this thing has really diminished.

Btw it’s nice to know that people are finally getting useful updates on their orders now


It saddens me to hear you guys haven’t received any updates. I hope me getting mine at least gives everyone who hasn’t yet somewhat peace of mind that the wheel is turning. I never even attempted to contact my CC company, nor anticipated doing so as I had, and still have, extremely high hopes for Eve. Its definitely reasonable for those who have though, the wait has been aggressively painful. I’ll definitely keep everyone who is reading updated.


Frankly, I think most places will be willing to bend a bit on the deadline for complaints, if you describe the fact that the device was delivered 4 months later than the 2-3 months that was originally indicated.

Glad to hear you decided to wait though, I’d say its worth the wait.


I am simply going to respond to this to bump it and fuck yeah!

No email here yet, but then my estimate says 18-30^^


If you haven’t seen the latest update on things.


I don’t even have an estimator yet. Wrote to support - no answer at all for a week.


does it show on your account at all, or just shows a month ?


Doesn’t show at all.


Nope, no email…
not even shipping traker,

only the word of support… that it will be shipped between 6-16 june…
… the eternel wait continues :wink:


I’m a 4th December buyer with a shipping estimator date of 28 May - 02 June. I received the “about to be shipped email” on the 29th of May and my V was shipped on 01 June.

It’s been a long and pretty frustrating wait but I can’t believe I finally have a DHL tracking number. Will be good to (finally) get my hands on my V. Believe!


Nope, I haven’t received such email yet.


Good to know somebody else received the email as well! Which build did you order? I’d assume that is a factor in who received their device when.


No email yet but hopeful. Fam has been pushing me to refund for months now in fear of a scam. Prediction for me is between 4 and 16 June.


I’m same… between june 4 and 16th, but support told me closer to the 16th then the 4th. Hopefully its soon!


At this point I’d encourage you to see it through, personally. You’ve waiting for 85% (hopefully) of the wait time so what’s waiting another week for shipping confirmation. I hope you guys receive some notice soon!

Stay strong.


Hi! I did receive this email too! Actually it makes the waiting even harder as you know it’s getting close!
On another hand I have no information about shipment (no tracking number or things like that) I hope it doesn’t come from honk kong by ship in a container!


Did you receive the same timeframe that I did as well? June 4 to June 16?


I ordered the m3. The shipping number has gone live now as well :slight_smile: