Your feedback needed for the live stream!


Hi guys!

Did you like the live stream ?

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Should we do them more often?

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What would you improve?


I haven’t watched it live but I do now.
My only suggestion is to prepare some things better in advance. So you can really make your points directly.


Love the idea of a regular livestream and it was really cool to be a part of it.

Improvements: i found the livestream could be abit better organised. With that i mean:

  • internet connection went down a few times
  • video quality was ok but not great. Expecially if you show the new V

Also i found the livestream was abit all over the place. For example the whole comparison with the surfacebook didnt do much for me since those facts are menshioned alot of times and can be founs pretty easy. The time couldve been spend more for important and unanswered questions.

But dont get me wrong i really loved being part of the livestream and it helped clarify alot of questions and concerns. Also the insides you told us was really cool. Keep it up!


Better camera better lighting and better angles of V


Better organization next time, there was a thread for question so take them, prepare an answer then go to live question.
And don’t forget the sleeves with the V…

I’m waiting for the next livestream :wink:


Image quality and resulting, because basically I couldn’t see many details though watching it on big screen in HD. But I guess/hope the resolution and image will be much better if the stream comes from Finnland.


With the questions in community - work through them, rather than have someone pick only from live stream. Then leave time for live stream extra questions as many were the same.
You could publish the list of questions gathered in the community that you will answer - that way save getting duplicates in live chat.
Don’t answer stuff that’s answered a million times in community already because someone is too lazy to go look and just asks again - guess FAQ will be a key thing going forward
Better connection quality.
Use Bing pulse for sentiment/ polls - potentially we could vote for questions live?

Having said that loved seeing it, enjoyed and felt the enthusiasm, getting excited now.


Connection is the #1 thing that I would suggest getting dialed in. I wouldn’t worry about video quality. Just focus on connection stability for now. I watched it at 144 and I have no complaints about quality. I could tell the difference between the 2 screens and it’s not like you can provide stunning visuals anyway unless you always have full control over lighting, windows, room color, etc.

Timeline structure for sure. I’d echo most of what @Matsleight said.
Do an intro and then talk about the primary item on the agenda.
Have a set amount of time to answer questions that were asked ahead of time and for questions asked during the stream.
Encourage people to refrain from typing comments and questions in the chat all willy-nilly. It was impossible to keep up with and the frenzy of multiple people asking the same questions over and over got out of hand. Having the list of questions asked ahead of time (and publishing them) should help.

I loved it regardless! Keep up the good work!


The live stream was very good to watch! :ok_hand:
I think a monthly or so live stream during the V launch period would be very well received by Community and increase chances of visibility even outside community.

The “home-made” technical setup did not really bother me. The only real gripe were the hiccups with the wi-fi connection, but all in all it was still bearable. Of course everything can be done better (that HK night view behind you screamed to be unveiled from the curtain! I know @Helios (I think) that said the lighting looked better with the curtain, but perhaps with some light adjustment it could be solved someway…), but frankly I like the home-made and spontaneous feeling! (@Konstantinos video in his kitchen spreading gravy and sauces on the V screen made history, if you know what I mean…)

The area where I would try to improve the most is the overall preparation of the stream content: have an outline of what you are going to say and show, have everything you will need (cables, devices & accessories, cats, cakes etc.) ready and at hand.
For example, the main point of this live stream was to answer question on live and a few very common/expected questions were already collected by the Community. You might have those at hand, so you could alternate between answering those and new ones that were asked on live…
Doing this would hopefully still preserve the spontaneous feeling, but at the same time you would cut idle/wasted times and make the pace of the stream a little faster!

Last suggestion: more of Eve Team members! :slight_smile: Don’t be shy guys, we like you and want to see/hear more from each one of you! :smiley:


I’d love to see a stream from the Helsinki office with the team there. Also maybe some q and a with engineers who have been assembling the samples and working on firmware and bugs etc.


When I saw first this topic - my initial idea was - this is a joke.

Firstly - answers and their selection was totally unprepared and unprofessional. There was a community topic on this forum - why did not you use it???

Secondly - quality of “presentation” was totally unprofessional and potentially could harm EVE’s reputation. It was quality of 12 years old kid presentation not a presentation of computer company with top product … sorry … If someone in my area of business would try a conference call of this quality he/she would be fired before conference ends … Low video quality, dropouts … etc.

I can understand things with delays (PayPal, screens, etc.) - which I do not like - not fully your fault … but this was your fault and lower my confidence to your company. You have to decide - either want to be “professionals” or play some garage junkies …

Sorry for my tone - but I’m really disappointed.


Might I suggest not doing Livestreams but maybe just posts with hi-res photos and detailed responses instead? It’s a little tough doing a livestream when it’s only an hour long and you have loads of questions (some of which were not answered fully). It just felt a bit disorganized. The quality of the stream was low, sometimes hard to hear as well and livestreams only work for people that are free at that exact time. I much prefer reading a long post with nice photos.

Example: You guys were trying to show the difference in thickness between the V and the surface pro. Which did not really do it justice since the video was so low res, you can’t really tell anyways. A photo would’ve been 100x better.

Overall though, I appreciate the livestream and can’t wait for mine to be shipped!


You mean a Reddit AMA of sorts? Eve has done them before :smiley:


And yet, there is a suspicious coincidence between top-of-the-world gurus of multi-billion global companies and their roots, a few decades ago, as “garage junkies”…

Let me be clear, I understand perfectly what you are referring to as “totally unprofessional”. I think Eve has achieved (or is very near to fully achieving :stuck_out_tongue: ) something so incredible (i.e. from literally nothing and nowhere, to bring to the market a computer that is at least on par with best in class devices from major computer companies) that we have all come to expect and think of them as an established business, in all areas… However, you/we might want to remember and reconsider some of the circumstances and facts about Eve as a company.
I think Eve will (yes, even needs to) gradually become more and more professional in many aspects of its organization. However, as of now, Eve is still a (very) small team of people who have been doing so many different activities and tasks, “learning as they go”… There is no technical staff who curates the streaming, there is no headquarters or even a fully equipped recording room, a few of them don’t have a full technical background and studied law (hey, much respect for law studies :slight_smile: they are hard, I have siblings that are dealing with them!) … And, honestly, that seems perfectly understandable to me: I know I have not backed a corporate juggernaut, but rather a newborn small company made of common people with great ideas and (almost) no fear.

At the moment, their focus is, as it should, 100% toward the production and delivery of the first few thousand devices. To me, today stream was a good first: I prefer this kind and quality of live stream to “no-live-stream”.
Certainly it can be made better in many areas and that’s probably the whole point of this topic! I’m sure Team will make treasure of feedback, and hopefully you and all of us will appreciate improvements in the next live stream!


I think there is space (and hopefully time) for both! Some things can be shown better with high quality pictures and curated videos. Live-stream, however, feels more direct, and has quite an appeal from an “emotional” point of view!


Dunno if this is offtopic or not, but…

Emdoor eGPU???

Sorry, but… Where do I sign up? xD I suspect it’s a lot cheaper than branded products…


I enjoyed the livestream and found it reasonably informative. Sure, a more polished and organized presentation would be nice, but really, you guys are not film makers, so I don’t think it is worthwhile for you to spend lots of time and resources to make fancy video productions. (You could always hire Ken Burns or somebody like that, if you want to go that direction).

I think a livestream maybe once a month, or when some important development happens (like selling V’s at half price – ha ha, just kidding, but a guy can hope!), would be a good interval for updating the community (and the world) on Eve developments. I’m sure, once you have done these a few times, you’ll be able to host the stream without the setup and connection issues. And, as others have said, make a point of handling and answering the questions in a consistent way.

It was really great to get the news on the screen deliveries and final production schedule. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on my own V and putting it to work. You guys are amazing and your dedication and tireless efforts to complete the V project and get our units to us are very gratifying.


You’re right, I just watched the stream in its entirety, and it was pretty good. For their first livestream, I would say its a success! The livestream is a great way to communicate q&a and other stories.


This livestream had no real benefit for me in any kind. The stream in bad video quality - absolutely OK, I don’t mind. Completely chaotic despite prior organization and gathering of questions - strange, to say the least.

Next time consider a Wiki-post here in the forums. It’s way easier and requires less time / effort, but still yields the same results - answering questions.

PS: The fact I didn’t like the answers might have influenced this post, however I tried to stay objective.


My opinion in general is that video, be it live or recorded, is used too much to convey simple pieces of information that would reach their audience much more effectively if just written. That’s to say, consider carefully if something is worth making a video of.
If looking strictly at information delivery, I feel one or two blog posts with high quality images would have done the job better.
On the other hand, live streams, like the one you did, be it less than perfect in execution point of view, serve another purpose: bringing your and your key people closer to the community, and value of that is much harder to quantify. And in this in my opinion you fared well for first try.
Personally I don’t see the point of making many live streams this late when V is almost ready. Maybe one when you get to see the actual final assembly process. (Or when you guys hit the bars after getting the HEBs delivered, just for lols)
But for next project, consider if you can leverage the community through realtime interaction somehow more.