You have to see this



[15.05.17] V entering production and taking the stage at Computex
Community Digest 28.05

Just one thing to say: Awesome!


That video was amazing and awesome.


Sensational, awesome.or like Trump would say AMAZING but of course without fakenews.


I would like to double like this! :heart_eyes:


love it!
Cant wait to see reaction to the launch/Computex


I can’t wait to have it :heart_eyes:


That video… It just screams awesomeness.


I felt one like wasn’t enough, so I liked all the comments, the video on Youtube, and left a comment on Youtube. It’s still not enough. I need to release Half Life 3 ASAP to thank you guys.


Don’t forget Facebook and Twitter too!


Too bad I don’t use those :smile:


whoaaaa… nice video


That’s Awesome work guys, got goosebumps while watching the video


It gave me goosebumbs, just wow…


Crazy sh*t :smiley: :wink:


Absolutely phenomenal!!!
Gave me goosebumps, and then it hit me, "That’s us, we WON!!!"
Hype mode has gone to new dimensions now! Sharing it on absolutely everything right now!

As I calm myself back to normal, a suggestion popped into my mind.
Why not have a video that details the tech of the V and the people behind it, in a video with this sort of audio and visual atmosphere?
I’m gonna be honest here, the intro video we got for IGG didn’t get me pumped like this one.
This video is LIT. OMG.
Must calm myself…


Music that was used?


A red V in the word “Video” in the preview picture would train watchers for company and product. :slight_smile:


@team Were any of the people in the video backers of this? :slight_smile: Be cool to know if it’s anyone on here if so?


Damn that is a Awesome Teaser !! Makes me want to be part of this community…Again !! :smile: