You can now get a prototype to test!


What you are looking at is the official Eve Insider emblem! Trust me it will all make sense ones you are done reading.


We are finally nearing the stage of development when we are ready to start testing Pyramid Flipper prototypes with community members. We want to be not only the first team to crowd-develop a device but also to test out the devices before they hit the market.

I want one, I want one! :heart_eyes: How can I get my hands on these beauties?

In the beginning, we will not have too many devices to give out for testing so we have to make sure that prototypes fall into the right hands. Prototypes will go to Eve Insiders.

Eve whaaat? Insiders? Is it like Windows Insider? :confused:

To put it short Eve Insiders are our most loyal and passionate community members. Some of them have been around since the launch of T1. Eve Insider is a closed Whats App group where we discuss most sensitive information about the product and just hang out. Insiders typically get to see everything first.

Eve Insiders:

1. Are members of our closed WhatsApp group full of like-minded individuals.
Eve team hangs out there daily!
2. Get to know things first.
Latest renders of our device, pictures from factory floors, stuff you will see nowhere else online!
3. Get a chance to test out our device.
For example, review our 3d models and get actual prototypes to test.

But don’t worry for those of you who are not Eve Insider you can also get your hands on prototypes and other goodies.


You have to become one of the insiders

What if I am not an Eve Insider?:scream:

No worries m9! For those of you who are already insiders. Good news is that you will be getting prototypes to play around with very soon! For the rest of community members, you have a chance to become an Eve Insider by accomplishing various tasks and challenges that will be coming withing next few weeks.

So to sum it up:

There are 2 ways to get prototypes to test:

  1. Be one of the Eve Insiders (most enthusiastic members get there)
  2. Or become one of the Eve insiders by accomplishing head breaking challenges :smiling_imp:

I can’t say more!
Challenges will be coming to the community soon. Make sure not to miss them out!

Challenge One will appear shortly. Stay tuned!

Eve-News 12th September - 19th September
Challenge 1 - The Critic. Review tech & get a prototype!

Challenge One better not be getting an amazing final name for the PF…
That would be head breaking indeed. I’ve been at it for weeks with my friends, we haven’t been able to find the perfect name.


For how long will we be able to keep the prototypes?

And @AntonyTerence, Panacea, just saying.


I so love this part :smiley:


It will depend on what kind of prototype it is. Right now we don’t know as its a new thing for us. I think 1-2 weeks?


Wait. So we are not Eve Insiders already? I was under the impression that people on this forum, and people that were here from the very beginning, were insiders. : (

Either way, for you guys I may even install WhatsApp.

The emblem is cool.


Nice, i would like to become an insider to be even more in connected with the device


Yayy, I cant wait to see this device


Love the emblem. Hope the engraving is done well.


I was under the impression that people on this forum, and people that were here from the very beginning, were insiders. : (

235 active members in the last 30 days are a bit too many I think.
Remember it’s not like Microsoft Insiders.

As much as I’d love to get a prototype I know I don’t have time to realy test the device.
Therefore I don’t want one and hope that only people with time for tests and who are willing to give good feedback will get one.

I realy like the enblem. Well done.


That’s why I added “people that were here from the very beginning”. There was a bunch of us here, IIRC.


Just a question as the first challenge is over: Are the reviewers allowed to share their insight into the prototypes?


This is a very valid question for many community members. And this much can be said for now: The reviewers will of course be in tight dialoque with Eve and other testers, and there will be at least glimpses of the testing processes shown to others.

So keeping alert in the coming times on the community is important, if you want to have a look at the process, as well as get a chance to contribute yourself.


When is challenge 2 coming up? :slight_smile:


I’d like to have another chance for the prototype but didn’t you already win the first one?


Sure I did, but why not give the chance to someone else, too? :slight_smile: