YANP - Yet another name proposal! I need you to tell us what you think 😁


Hello Eve Family!

Picking a name for your baby is never easy:)

Really dudes! Look at how many threads we had about name:


And then there was @Cody_Patterson:) who think that Eve Computer 1 is honestly not a good name. And one more dude who liked his post. (I’ll find you lurker :imp:)

All of you contributed to our Baby’s birth so we really can’t pick a name without your approval. Previous polls showed that all names like Galaxy, Zeus, Sisu, Chimera, etc are quite meaningless as no name was leading in a poll showing that name, unlike specs is a question of personal preferences.

Launch is super close and now it’s time to lock that name down!
So here I am, on behalf of our team with our proposal:

As I have mentioned already before in the post we have tried to pick the best name by first brainstorming with the community and then making a poll on best names. Unfortunately, that approach did not work as any name was winning. Everyone was pushing for the name they liked the most. And the major reason people like names they propose is because they have some certain associations with them while they were totally alien to others. Some guys liked Eve Stratus some Eve Versum - a lot of names that don’t mean anything to most of us.

After those puzzling poll results, we gave it a bit of thought and realised that hyperbolized name is not what makes product successful and in most cases a good example of Marketing bull#@!$ and huge egos of teams creating products.

It’s the product that makes name for itself not another way around. Most companies give names to products that are empty and don’t mean anything. If you call your device galaxy it doesn’t mean your product has anything to do with Galaxies of any sort. It is not nearly as astonishing as real galaxy. Well Samsung thinks they do ofc:)

Well, of course, we could do similar marketing for Eve Chimera and Zeus :slight_smile:

We want to be different from others and emphasize that this device was developed by people for people to use and both Eve and Eve Community put their best efforts to design the best device out there!

Konsta! Too many letters, my head is aching. Get to the point please!

So we have the following idea for the name and we would like to hear your thoughts on it and whether we can use it as a final.

We call our device Eve Computer 1 and pretty much everywhere we use a.k.a. Pyramid Flipper as we still think its a great and distinctive name. So our device would follow the same logic as previous product.

Eve Computer 1 = Eve C1 = Eve Pyramid Flipper

We think that Eve Computer is the best way to really reflect the purpose of the product as we see 2-in-1s as the future of computing. They are powerful, portable and last whole day and once you add thunderbolt and other things they also are very modular. That’s why we will keep it simple and call our device Eve Computer 1

Here is the poll

Should we set official name as Eve Computer 1 and Eve C1 for short?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Let’s make a decision about the name and get to the launch!

P.S. @Cody_Patterson and a silent lurker thanks for bringing it up! Keep up the good job guys! Our whole project is possible thanks to you people who care!:cry:

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Yes! The Eve C1 is logical and the Eve Computer 1 actually makes sense and is marketable. “Computer One” was just too generic and elementary. Good job Eve!


Really @Cody_Patterson!? It melts my heart to hear that :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes::sob:

But you are right Eve Computer 1 is edgier:)


So, you’re objecting yourself now. Computer One “makes sense” and at the same time “too generic”. Seriously?



I get @Cody_Patterson lets not go to cat fight mode! I feel same about 1 vs one it’s sounds edgier :slight_smile:


I agree that when writing it with an arabic number instead of writing the word out it looks cleaner.

@pauliunas : I think the difference is in the writing down with an arabic number - and I think it looks cleaner.

Computer One shortened to C1 was a bit weird.


I would have never even thought that there was at least a very slight possibility that the name could become better or worse just by writing it differently. This is insane, and I call that overthinking. It’s the same name guys, the same name, it doesn’t matter how you write it. And mind me, but my very honest and very final opinion is that it’s dull, meaningless, tasteless, and otherwise the very worst name I could think of. Sorry, bud sadly I couldn’t say anything better about it… Maybe others think differently.


I am still rooting for Pyramis Versum or Eve Versum, as it tells the story of You guys flipping the market far better.
EDIT: Or Eve Pyramis :slight_smile:


I am sorry you feel that way but your first sentence explains it all. “I would have never even thought that there was at least a very slight possibility that the name could become better or worse just by writing it differently.” Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. This isn’t over thinking it’s marketing. That’s how it works :slight_smile: I understand that it seems like overthinking but as someone who can’t stand science, to me over thinking is constantly being concerned with what caused the world to be created in the past. Different minds work differently which is why I am in marketing and you do something else! We each have our gifts and that one happens to be mine. I am excited to what is in store for the Eve Computer 1 regardless of the naming though!


I like C1 better than Computer One as I feel that the word “One” has already been overused by Microsoft with their Xbox One or OneDrive. You should choose a name that is unique and does not make people think of other products.


My opinion: Eve Computer One (or 1) is one word too long - shorten it to Eve One or something completely else.

Currently you need to keep “Eve” as part of the name to make it recognizable. An optimal name has only got two or three syllables. Computer itself has three - five with Eve and One. That’s just too long.


So instead of hyperbole, you’re going for hypobole. (I don’t know if that is actually a word and I don’t feel like looking it up.)

So boring.


Real life scenario 1: “Hey honey, did you see my Computer 1 anywhere?” … answer “your what?”.

Real life scenario 2: “Hey dude, I just bought a Computer 1 yesterday” … answer “oh yeah!, what did you get?”

See, it’s so generic!, it would be like Tesla saying we have a new model coming out, it’s called Car? .


@Still_Waters_43, what if we keep Pyramid Flipper as a second name? You could also say: “Hey honey, did you see my C1/Eve/Pyramid Flipper anywhere?”

But seriously what do you think if we use C1/ Pyramid Flipper split. So when we send it to reviewers we will tell it project Pyramid Flipper.

@ss_doug Yes it exists:)


I don’t know…
I think it should just have one name only.
Having two names is kinda like"hey, we came up with a name, but it is not that great, so we’re keeping another one around as well, hoping that one will be liked more…".
Additionally there are so many things called “one” nowadays (Xbox ONE, HTC ONE, ONEdrive, ONEplus ONE, ONE Direction :smiley: etc.) That overuse makes the whole thing kind of boring.
So please: just ONE (no pun intended) name. And please not something as generic as Computer…
If you like Pyramid Flipper as a Backup / second name, why not make it the primary one? Microsoft did the same thing with Cortana, because fans just thought the project name to be so cool.

Or just call it Eve Versum already :wink: (I don’t see how that is difficult to pronounce at all. Don’t underestimate people. They are able to pronounce that, it is not that hard :D)


Flipper just sounds silly to me. I can’t help but think of that dolphin (and certain politicians who simply cannot make up their minds. :slight_smile: ). And Pyramid Flipper is too long (not to mention C1/Pyramid Flipper) and doesn’t really sound any less silly to me.

How about just the Flip or the Eve Flip. It still retains the heart of the message you want to convey with Flipper, but - to me anyway - sounds better and more mature. No dolphins, no politicians, just this guy.


More of a tagline or byline but I think somewhere we need to use the term “Flagship killer” …


The Zeus-picture is hilarious :smiley:

I still dont understand why we not just stay with the name “Pyramid Flipper”…
It is the name you type into Google to find this project and the name other authors from tech-sites used in the past when mentioning the PF. It is a name that describes very well the goal that devs + community want to achive. It even has a memorizable icon (“Computer 1” is the last thing that would come to my mind when I see a flipped pyramid …). And I think you guys had something in mind when you first created the term “Pyramid Flipper” - what did change since then?


That will just make it confusing. Why have 2 names if we can just have Pyramid Flipper?

Here are my points against Computer 1:

  • “Look, I bought a Computer 1!” - “Congratulations! I had no idea that you lived without a computer all this time!”
  • “Where is my Computer 1?” - “Wait, so you have TWO computers now?”
  • http://lmgtfy.com/?q=computer+one
  • Random dude sees an ad: “wow, they’re so arrogant. They DO know it’s not the first computer on Earth???”
  • etc. etc. this can be an endless list. I really don’t see a single good aspect in this name…