Xify HQ - eGPU with GTX 1070 and benchmarking



Okey so try maybe AS origin, R6, black flag, syndicate, division, wildlands. Like that we will have an idea of results through the board.
Don’t forget to manage the different shitty settings like blur, vsync,…


You mean the benchmark? I will.

Will do.

I will take a lot of time for me to set everything up. I’m freeing up space on my drive and downloading everything takes a colossal amount of time.


Yes, thanks a lot. :heart_eyes:

Since benchmarks is free and available for download, I don’t want you to buy the full game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to know whether will V + eGPU beat PS 4 or not? :grinning:


Guys, I have a Gigabyte eGPU with RX580.
Thing is, my V can’t detect that thing?
Power delivery seems to be working, but it’s connected as PCI to PCI Bridge?
Also, I can’t find TB3 in device manager…
@Wickedly @Xify help~~~


I’m not sure I can be of any help with this. I had this problem 3 times and they had to RMA the unit 2 times for them to fix. After the third time I simply gave up. I sold my 1070 to a close friend and I’m currently in the process of building a RTX 2080 rig with the Dan A4 case.

This egpu doesn’t seem to play good with the V at all.


wow, this is royally F-ed…
any way to check if TB3 is present and working correctly on the V itself?
just to rule out anything wrong with the tablet?
i figure it’s either test the egpu with other TB3 hosts, and test the V with other TB3 peripherals?




Good that things are working out for you!


I don’t recall specifically having to install a separate TB3 software.

There is the little icon in my tray but I’m pretty sure it came with the TB3 driver, and wasn’t a separate install.

Yet another V review

I tried gaming Overwatch with the lowest settings like you mentioned, but my game application automatically closes itself after 2 matches everytime! Is it overheating or something?


I bought an Hp Omen Accelerator, with a Gtx 970, and for now I’ve only tried Destiny 2, with medium setting/1080p/external display and discord at work, I can get about 45-60fps. But when I play PvP, Discord lag and my friend don’t understand me well. Does someone else had this problem? if I change my tpd from 7w to 9w will it help?(i’m no pro here, just sayin!!)


-Bump the minimum and maximum tdp to 9w
-Start the discord call and then close discord ( chat will still work )
-Close every other app you can.