Xify HQ - eGPU with GTX 1070 and benchmarking



no youtube videos of gaming performance on the V with egpu :frowning: If Xify could upload with fps counter would be nice to watch


There is, check the first post. They are hidden between the images.


Hello @Xify !
I’m very new to the entire eGpu thing and have a few questions hoping you could maybe answer them.

eGpu seem kinda expensive or am I just looking on the wrong website ? ( amazon mainly )

The TB3 thing with eGpu seems amazing, but if they are so expensive as they seem to be and I’d have to pay that extra on top of the V it would make the tablet + pen + a bit GPU power aspect kinda expensive.


Sorry, I’m not Xify.

But I can answer you that the GPU situation now is very hard for gamers. :scream:

In my country the price is sky rocketed at about 2 times… even that it’s out of stocks! :sob:

Amazon have a lot of “Scalper” to sclap your heads clean in the time of your heads over heel situation. :crazy_face:


So it‘s a temporarily thing ? Good to know that amazon are rather expensive


If you look carefully, the one that are selling is not official venders (Asus, MSI and others) but the privates or shops which will happily get your coins in the premium range. :money_mouth_face:

For me, I will just press the button, “notify me when available” and look back if one is available.

But, nobody knows when it will back to normal, some experts say it could last for a year or until GPU manufacturer can solve those memory chips shortage. In which could be next 3-6 months since Samsung and other chips manufacturers already announce big investment in the chips foundry. :smiley:

Anyway, I got no use to snap the expensive cards now since I plan to use it with my V which might arrived around March - April. (Hopefully) :crossed_fingers:


I have a similar setup to Xify, a 1070 in an egpu - and I think he’ll back me up on this - don’t get a ‘premium’ gpu. A slightly lower tier (1050 / 1060) will allow you to play games at decent framerates, and give you much better performance per dollar.



Can you give us some light on which brand of GPU should we use? :grinning:


Are you asking about AMD vs Nvidia? Or card manufacturers like EVGA, Gigabyte, MSi, Zotac, etc.?

Between card manufacturers there isn’t a big difference, generally just slightly different sizes/cooling solutions.

Between AMD and Nvidia is up to you. I always prefer Nvidia because of lots of bad experiences with AMD, but their latest cards aren’t too bad. Nvidia is fairly consistent with their products and its pretty easy to tell what you’re gonna get performance wise, AMD isn’t quite as obvious.

In the current market it’s probably best to go with the best price you can get tough :joy::disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for your advise and information.

For me, I will go with GTX 1070 when the price is coming to normal. :sweat_smile:

However, Vega 64 or 56 is very interesting. :yum:


Too powerful for that man, don’t put your hope on it. You won’t benefit of anything in it. The only advantages in all those things are if you have the benefit of one specific set of instructions that you are heavily using :slight_smile:


In the majority of games, the maximum framerate the V can push is around 60fps. You can squeeze a little more fps if you tweak the TDP up a couple watts.

The problem: Regardless of the graphic settings you’ll use, the CPU wont be able to push more than 60fps. So if the 1070 could run your game at 140fps, 80 of those frames are wasted, we have a bottleneck.

A solution: 60fps being the limit, with a 1070 you have the luxury to go bump up the resolution, the anti-aliasing and other gpu intensive settings. The key here is to make the gpu work as much as possible to waste less frames. Pretty much the reason why having a decent CPU doesn’t matter at 4k.

I’m kinda late to reply. I’ve been busy working with Unreal Engine 4 on the V. I actually have a custom build of the game engine made by Nvidia called VXGI that enables a real-time voxel based global-illumination. It’s a graphical feature that is extremely hungry on gpu ressources and could put even a 1080ti on it’s knees when running this at maximum settings. Here’s a quick comparison of how VXGI runs on both my current machines and on two other machines I used.

i7 4800MQ + R9 M290X
with VXGI: 5fps
without VXGI: 120fps+

i7 6700 + GTX 1080
with VXGI: 48fps
without VXGI: 120fps+

Ryzen 1700 + GTX 1060
with VXGI: 25fps
without: 120fps

i5 7y54 + GTX 1070
with VXGI: 40fps
without: 60-80fps

This is a rare case where I can benefit from the power of the GTX 1070 for my work.

Open world games on the V should be avoided. By that I mean, GTAV, Watch Dogs 2, AC: Origins, you see the pattern.


Summarised all the responses for you. If you’re goal is more fps, a 1070 or even the new Titan V won’t help you.

Unless you have a specific workload - not gaming - that is gpu intensive, I (we) can’t recommend the 1070.


Wow! Thanks man!

Your conclusion will help me and the other to decide what is best for V eGPU purchase. :angel:


Vermintide 2
i7, 1070. running off USB3 external SSD.

maintains 35-45fps during action. interestingly, this is literally the first time i’m going “wow those fans really are going”. (nevermind, i had the silent profile turned off.)


Update: if I turn off sun shadows, I can get a more consistent 45-60fps.

Fps still tanks to 20ish when in some areas where there’s a lot of ambient light casting shadows though.


Can you try the surge, resident evil 7, and alien isolation?



it caps at 75fps because i capped my refresh rate at 75hz. the i7 cpu bottlenecks so hard that in most games 75 is more than enough. this is an older game tho so i’m pretty sure it could hit the 100fps max if i unlocked it.

FPS is in top right corner. Any additional choppiness is because recording on dual core. duh.

also for some reason its downressed from 1440p to 1080p.

Let's talk about the V, and the one year delay - and about eGPUs

Hello guys! I’m back from the dark!

I now have every Ubisoft games ever on pc. Which game do you want me to try first?


Sorry, can you do benchmark V with FF XV?

I want to know how V handle this intensive game with eGPU.