Xify HQ - eGPU with GTX 1070 and benchmarking



Xify’s back! Now that I fixed my CPU problems I will restart all my gaming benchmarks and you’ll see even better results than before.

The first game I benchmarked with my new settings was Fortnite Battle Royale with the processor running at a constant 9w ( around 2.5Ghz ). My average fps went from 52fps up to 59! I still had stutters every minute or so but oh boy it was ENJOYABLE to play. I can’t wait to test my other games!


How did you solve your CPU problem

Edit: saw your other post about how you fixed it. Never mind


Yeah I kinda spread my posts everywhere. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

Hopefully I will be able to upload videos today!


No problem. You are paving the way. When I get my V I can use all of your hardwork. Haha


Hey, have you tried fiddling with the Speedshift settings in throttlestop?

Setting the Speedshift - EPP to 0 on the main screen allows the CPU to boost more aggressively - if we can figure out how to turn off the PL1 clamp i think that should allow it to boost above 7w as long as temps allow.

Also, in the TPL screen, you can change another Speedshift setting - in the misc box (i think for i5 it should be 1…32, on my i7 its 1…36) if you raise the first number you can lock the minimum multiplier at a higher number.

edit: I found out what the bios performance setting does! it sets speedshift EPP to 0: full priority of performance over battery life. (0 is performance, 255 is battery life. for reference, best performance (plugged in) is 64, better battery is 178.)


Would you mind sharing a link for us to find that post :wink:
I didn’t find it in my quick search, but I’ll go sleep for now.



Go to the original post to see the image

EDIT: Guys check the first post! :stuck_out_tongue: Those are gaming benchmarks at 9w


@Xify, try unchecking BD Prochot in throttlestop - I think that fixed the power throttling for me


I’ll try that next time!

Today was nice hot day in Montreal Canada, -35°C, so I took my V outside some fresh air, went inside my car and ran cinebench to see what the best score I could pull with my i5, while my car engine was heating up to be good to go. I bumped the tdp to 13w and it was so cold outside the processor never went over 70°C :rofl:


Yeah, I’ve noticed that too! It doesn’t even have to be sub zero temps - I’ve noticed that when I’ve got the AC on - at about 20°C - I can let my V go full throttle and it won’t go much higher than 70-80°.

At ambient temperatures I tropic Singapore though, like 25-28 degrees, my cpu will spike up to 100 and then it starts to throttle bit :persevere:

I’m guessing that the Intel dynamic thermal driver you disabled throttles the CPU based on the temperature of the chassis, I read somewhere that it’s purpose is to ensure that tablet don’t get too hot for skin.

That’s really the best explanation I can come up with, because aside from the initial spike, my cpu temp readings are still <90 - but the tablet itself is markedly hotter.


Brrr starting to wonder how the V will throttle under Gabonese rain season temperatures (30 - 32 degrees celsius) :roll_eyes:


I think it’s a sensor on the chassis that’s causing the throttling. Xify managed to turn it off so thats an option I guess.


Expecting my Eve V tomorrow and my eGPU is finish with a MSI RX 580 Gaming 8Gb video card. Will let you know how it works. Unsure about how to benchmark it as I have never done it before. Maybe you can provide me some guidance so i can let everyone know how it does with AMD.


It’s pretty straight forward, make the thunderbolt connection, the V will detect it and it will already be up and running. Then go on AMD’s website, download the latest driver and you’re good to go.

For the games you want to run, you’ll have to tweak your cpu first so it runs at a constant clock speed without throttling.


oic, maybe I will try testing it stock to see what kind of performance I can get out of it first.


Which CPU did you order and which game do you plan to play?


I got the i7 version and hoping it will be more powerful and better in utilizing the RX 580.


Cool, I was thinking about getting the 580 to go along with my Mantiz enclosure. Thought it might be a bit too powerful.

Look forward to seeing your results


Got the mantiz enclosure also. Will test to see how it work if we ever get the V. :weary::sob:


@Xify seems like this guy is having a similar problem to you https://egpu.io/forums/thunderbolt-enclosures/aorus-gaming-box-1070-stops-working-for-the-second-time/#post-27791