Xify HQ - eGPU with GTX 1070 and benchmarking



Was worth a try. Thanks


Cool. Would love to see a comparison of GTX 1070 with other CPUs.


Can you please also test pubg in full hd? Since with a lower resolution the cpu is loaded more, I don’t expect a big change here. To the test results at pubg… What was your impression? Stagnant because of high frametimes, or smooth playable?


Can u perhaps try Overwatch without an eGPU?


Lol Overwatch runs fine. If you want, you can downres and play at lowest settings on the V just fine.


LOL I meant without, of course I know it runs well with one ! Whoops!


Yeah, i’m meant Overwatch runs on the V without eGPU fine - on the lowest settings and lower resolution. its playable.


And nobody cares about my 2 games :frowning: I m gonna cry :frowning: but but … to play eve on the V is a bit a must go to !


This is f…ing great!!! WMR with V I’m comimg!!!


@DeviceDave I believe you were looking for this a while back.


For me it’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I’m trying games I’m most likely to play first to try it out. The next two games you’ll the bench below is because I did a little lan party with some friends and we played those games

Overwatch at 2880x1920 High or Ultra quality… I don’t remember. Using the tablet screen
Min: 41fps
Max: 72fps
Avg: 55fps

Fortnite at 2880x1920 High quality. Using the tablet screen also.
Min: 40fps
Max: 61fps
Avg: 52fps


Probably because Eve is stuck in delays, try calling 4px


Really appreciate all the testing that you habeen doing.


So true @hiddenflaw
Anyway thanks for doing the benchmarks you can, will do some on my own Hen I have mine anyway.


Can someone give me an exhaustive list of the “universal” egpu boxes? Please


Can visit the site below. They have listing of all eGPU enclosures on the market with reviews and guides. Also have a health and active community. Www.egpu.io .


I’m back with some new benchmarks. For this one I didn’t have time to test any further in details. Population density, car density was at maximum and the was single player, so the results here are the lowest possible framerates.

Grand Theft Auto 5 ( Single-Player )
Settings: 2880x1920 at Very High settings
Min: 27fps
Max: 40fps
Avg: 33fps

Dropping the resolution to 720p did nothing to help the framerate. Also my cpu did seem to throttle down to 1.8Ghz

This weekend I’ll post vids, do further testing with different settings and ajust my cpu with throttlestop to see if I can get the best result possible on this tablet.


Nifty for max setting. Smooth at 30 fps


Gta is known to be really bad optimised and really buggy.
So here are a few tricks.
Disable fxaa and/or msaa
Try Disabled vsync (can be buggy also)
The scaling is hard on cpu so bump it down.
Maybe also the grass quality and particles
The extended distance scaling too.
Long shadows and high resolution shadows

With all that down-> higher fps normally


I’ll try this and I’ll post results!