Xify HQ - eGPU with GTX 1070 and benchmarking



Still, at this resolution you are making the tests, impresses me really much because I don’t recall that with only a 1070 at this res can do that much more on those games but maybe I m wrong


Oh. Well, if you wanted more 3440x1440 results, here are some from Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Custom setting is basically very high preset with some tweaks, mostly increasing GPU dependent options and dropping CPU dependent options.

I didn’t think there was much reason to post this initially but you may find it useful i suppose.


Very High Preset




No Shadows & other CPU settings



3440x1440 Benchmark results

Very High Preset


No Shadows & other CPU settings


1080p Benchmark results

Very High Preset


No Shadows & other CPU settings


That’s very very interesting and not at all what I had in mind. You have not so better from 2m pixels from 5M. It’s not like you would have 1.5x more I mean. It’s not equivalent of course but not that far fetched.


Yeah, I didn’t expect this. I made that assumption based on my experience with my old laptop (i7-4xxxHQ w /970m, 1080p screen).

With that machine, if a game ran on the laptop’s 1080p screen at 100fps, it would run at ~45fps on the 3440 monitor. It was a very consistent 50-60% difference - same settings, just more pixels.

Looking at this the I can only conclude that the Y cpu is bottlenecking so hard, its not going to go past 50-60fps average no matter what I do.


Seems that intel have made much progress with the optimization of the chip and the games.
Could you please run 2 other benchmarks ? I would like to see how very well optimized game are doing.
Could you do download eve online and go to jita solar system on caldari moon 4 assembly plant where everybody is and look at how much god you are doing with ctrl + f in game with and without egpu?
And also in world of Warcraft in any hub you want.

Those 2 mmo are recognized to be very well optimized.
Thank you so much if you have the time


now you can Eve on your Eve…

(btw 2nd gen windows tablet should be named N, then those who can’t get it through flash sales can’t EveN)

slowly backs out of the room


We need more of this…


Had any successes with middling the graphical settings like shadows and did it have any positive effects?


Because seriously you are not already happy with these results ?


So far, I’m pretty happy with the results :grin: . Not going to be a powerhouse but should be enough for me


I added in one more set of photos - i went online to find out which settings impact CPU the most and lowered those. Also i set my screen to 100hz just in case G-Sync was causing that ceiling, i usually keep it at 75 lol.

Really looking like it might be the Y CPU. Lol at some point i’ll probably just try 1366x720 at lowest just to see what happens.


Yeah, 60 fps to be too much for this title with this processor. Lock it at 30 and smooth gameplay. Not that it bothers me much. Thanks for trying the setting adjustment


NEW BENCH with internal display

Rocket League on the V with GTX 1070
Playing at Very High Settings at 2880x1920
Min: 50fps
Max: 62fps
Average: 61fps

ANOTHER NEW BENCH with internal display
Playerunknown Battleground at High Settings at 2880x1920

First test on the lounge with all the players
Min: 11fps
Max: 47fps
Avg: 26fps

Second test on the plane, ready to get off
Min: 29fps
Max: 58fps
Avg: 44fps

Third test right when I landed, I took a car and went roaming on the map
Min: 23fps
Max: 68fps
Avg: 50fps

About the CPU. It was running at a stable 1.7Ghz, 100% cpu usage and temp was around 68°C. The CPU could do a lot better imo.

It sounds stupid but it’s mostly for the touch experience. I’ve tested Chrome on the V and the touch experience isn’t that smooth. I prefer Edge because it’s a lot easier for me to read comics and stuffs like that.

I’ve used Zbrush on a old Surface 3 non pro and it’s been decent. I didn’t try it yet on the V but I will!

Will do that right now!

EDIT: There you go!



Hey Xify is your setup completely silent as well lol


It makes some noise but it’s really negligible. There’s no noise difference between load and idle.


I do agree Edge seems better for touch (I wish they kept the metro Edge too)

thanks for running the benchmarks :smiley:


Playerunknown Battlegrounds again
but this time at Very Low settings at 2880x1920

I’ve also tweaked the CPU a little to up the TPD. I also bought a 5$ UBS fan to put it directly behind the V, I wanted to see if it made a difference

In the lobby
Min: 7fps
Max: 27fps
Avg: 17fps

In the plane
Min: 11fps
Max: 69fps
Avg: 35fps

Just landed, running around the map
Min: 40fps
Max: 72fps
Avg: 62fps


PUBG is poorly optimized. Though good it gets above 30


Can you undervolt the cpu. I know that that U processor can and there are successes for from within Intel XTU. Might be able to lower the voltage a bit before it becomes unstable.


I tried at -70mv. All it did was winning some time before the cpu throttles again

Nier Automata / High or Very High / 2880x1920
Min: 50fps
Max: 61fps
Avg: 59fps

No brainer, this game runs super well. No CPU throttling.