Xiaomi unveils notebooks on July 27th


Xiaomi is showing next week their new range of “Macbook” lookalike laptops (11 and 13 inch). The specs leaked are promising as the price, which look more like a rival for the Pro than the the Air series (in terms of performance).


  • i7-6500
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • The only place I found about rumoured price was Pplware at 481$, but couldn’t confirm in any other source.




481 sounds really really really optimistic for me. Its very hard for me to believe knowing the bill of material costs for that kind of device.

also, this page says it has Linux OS

Edit: ofc it wont have linux :stuck_out_tongue: But indeed, it will be interesting if they price it under 500 bucks!

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@Mike, the 760M is an ancient GPU by today’s standards, and Xiaomi won’t be able to fit it inside such a sleek device. So I don’t think that it’ll have a dGPU.
And the sub 500$ price seems too good to be true, but who knows what compromises were made in the creation of the device.



Indeed. I at least don’t believe it would be metal frame with that price. Anybody hoping to receive macbook quality with that price is going to be disappointed.

Well, anyways these are just rumors.

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This is awesome! But it will be disappointing I’m afraid



I wouldn’t dwell much on the price as I couldn’t verify in other sites. Nonetheless, this seems like a promising piece of kit, but as we testified for the making of PF, there’s much more to a computer than processor and ram that are equally important to have a good experience with it and, as such, those are the areas that might receive quality restraints.

We are a week away to find out (or maybe not - as the Xiaomi “Macbook” has been rumoured since late 2014).



GTX760??? Would that be coming from some old stock that Nvidia forgot about or better yet, if that is true, watch them put recycled chips into this thing haha. That will be entertaining, but at least I would be great for environment :joy:



I’d better stay away from this… Never heard a single good thing about these chinese brands :smile:



Here are the specs:

13,3" Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air
Display: 13,3" FullHD Display
CPU: Intel Core i5 Skylake
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 940MX
RAM: 8 Gigabyte DDR4
Storage: 256 Gigabte PCIe SSD, + 1 free SSD-Slot
Battery life: 9,5 h
Weight: 1,28 kg
Price: ¥4999 ~ 750$ ~ 900€ (incl. tax)

12,5" Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air
Display: 12,5" FullHD Display
CPU: Intel Core m3
GPU: 4 Gigabyte DDR4
Storage: 128 Gigabte PCIe SSD, +1 free SSD-Slot
Battery life: 11,5 h
Weight: 1,08 kg
Price: ¥3599 ~ 540$ ~ 650€ (incl. tax)

(german but with pictures)



The specs are in the previous post.

Here’s an English article on it.

I find the title interesting: The story does not say why people will want to buy one.

I suppose it’s the spec and price, what thoughts you guys have about this? This community’s input would’ve made it better in what way? :wink:

[WindowsCentral’s article on Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air info]



Is it just me or does this thing look more like MBP 13 and not MBA13? I am not sure what is the point of this machine. Releasing a 6th generation machines when Intel is reportedly started shipping gen 7th CPUs to OEMs doesn’t seem very logical. Xiaomi is planning to sell it for $750 while a similarly configured MBA13 goes for $800 or so on sale in the US. Yes, is does have a better video card and better screen, but only slightly better for both. And gaming will suck a tiny bit less on the GeForce 940MX compare to Intel 520. Then there is the rest of the machine like build quality, keyboard, trackpad, speakers and battery life. The last one is where MBA 13 is the unrivaled king of the hill! Xiaomi claims 9.5h from a 40WH battery… Maybe if it is idling with screen nearly off. ASUS has a similar Zenbook UX303UA with i7, GeForce 940MX and 50WH battery. That thing gets about 5-5.5h of battery run time. I will reserve my final judgment until I can try it out or at least there are comprehensive reviews available.



Marketing bullshit. Very typical of these companies…

The Chinese brands just can’t seem to address the needs of us westerners. Different world, different culture…

Well we will have to fix it sooner or later and make our own notebook :smiley:

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Lol, we still have “new arrivals” with 5th gen in some shops. New batches are estimated to arrive this autumn. I think they’re doing that because they can get the CPUs for cheaper… But they still sell i7 laptops for i7 price, even though a much cheaper 6th gen i5 machine is faster.


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