[X] USB-C/TB3 slots with USB-C power cable make noises


What does happen?
Once connected to power (and V is charging) the USB-C/TB3 ports make strange noises. It is kind of a whirring - no coil whining.

What should happen?
No noise!

How often does this occur?
About 50% of the times V is charging. It could have something to do how much power is fetched or drained by the CPU (I think that it occurs more often when the CPU is on load).

How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Use the V-Charger with supplied 2m Power Cable
  • Plug it into the USB-C/TB3 ports of V
  • Charge the V
  • Listen to the noise

Dear Eve people, this is where we stand

interesting, is it reproducible on a video recording?

btw, can anyone enlighten me on the [x] [b] [f] things in front of the titles? seen them pop up but i have no idea what they mean



I remember hearing this somewhere else, was it a prototype problem? If so, wasn’t it fixed?


I tried to record it but so far the mic is not good enough to really record the noise :frowning: Will try again, but so far I’ve little time to further try out V.


I noticed the same thing the other day. Is there a way to fix that?


Interesting. Throwing my 2c in here, I’ve used the V with 2 different chargers and a TB3 dock, and I’ve never heard that. Might be some kind of electronic frequency you guys are picking up on?


It’s very high pitched and barely audible. Probably too faint for your techno damaged ear drums :yum:


My V started to have the whine today. Out of nowhere. Same charger, same setup.


New development on that end for me today. I’m using a USB-c dongle to connect monitor and keyboard/mouse. It’s connected on the TB3 port. While I was working today, I noticed that everytime I scrolled the mouse quickly or even sometimes just opening a new webpage the same noise is happening in my V. If I do nothing, there is no noise. It’s not loud, you just hear the electrical current. I doubt this is normal. @Team has this bug ever been reported by those testing prototypes before?


I seem to have the same issue on my V.
However, I don’t think it’s the charger - it’s something to do with the power settings, which does different things depending on whether the V is plugged in or not.

This is how I fixed it:

  • Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep
  • click on “Additional Power Settings” to get the traditional Control Panel Power options.
  • click on “Create a Power Plan” and select “Power Saver”. Give it a name that’s slightly more exciting than “My Custom Plan 1”.
  • select the Power Saver plan you just created.
  • Lo and behold - no scratching sounds when plugged in.

I tried to work out which of the advanced power settings was causing the scratching sounds but gave up - because there are so many options.

Note that you will no longer have the ability to drag between performance and power when clicking on the battery icon. Also, you may find things run a bit slower. I guess you can manually change some of the advanced settings for the power plan you created to return it to the normal speed.

To revert to the way things were before, select “Balanced (recommended)” as the plan.

[B] Buzzing noise from power connector when CPU is under load
Does your device "Coil whining"?

This issue hasn’t been noticed by proto testers and us. Guys in China didn’t notice it as overall noise levels are way to high there but that’s gray you found it! We will look into this.

Does Phil’s soliton fix it for other guys ? I can’t replicate it with my V as no noise is coming from it. Let us know meanwhile I’ll inform the engineers!


I seem to also have developed this issue intermittently. It sounds like electricity… And a waterfall. It’s very quiet. I can’t really record it because my phone microphone is also insufficient. But it’s not a coil whine for me :-/

Should this not be B for bugs rather than X for experience?


Has anyone tried my solution? If it’s the same for others, then that will help Eve diagnose the issue.


Will try when I finally have a working V in my hands


From my experiance with other devices this is usualy caused by a faulty/damaged wire, happens with my Iphone all the time.


Not an issue for my i7 - using “balanced” profile and with and without charger attached through top usb c port.

Using the TB3 port - no problems there


Dears, I checked this with supplier, the noise (coil whine) comes from CPU, especially when CPU working frequency changes.
You can also hear it without charging, by putting your ear very close to CPU in quite environment.
When you just plug in, the noise will be come louder for a few seconds, then drop to volume level of no charging
Based on Emdoor engineers, this noise also exist on other devices, e.g. my Surface Book also has this noise, about the same volume as V.

Emdoor will report this to Intel. However, they cannot guarantee that Intel will fix it (they feedback similar issue before, but no fix yet)

Temporary solution to minimize the noise is to disable the CPU Turbo and C states in BIOS/UEFI (however, I don’t think you would like to do that)


On my girlfriend’s acer laptop I also have the noise, while scrolling with the touchpad in the browser (ff) there are silent humming noises to hear, not disturbing, but if you pay attention to it, audible. In my opinion, no V specific problem.


I received my Eve V two days ago and I heard it last night. To me does not sound like electric coil noise, but more waterfall. My V was asleep, and connected to the charger.

I am wandering if this is related to the heatshink pipe and fluid moving and bubling around…