[X] Strong High Pitch Static (Annoying) Sound from Speaker


What does happen?
On my 10th day with V, a nerve-racking experience with V, I suddenly witnessed a strong static sound coming out of the speaker (continuous thin beep sound very annoying), that too in office, when it started all started looking on the ceiling, and it never occurred to me that this was coming from V speaker.

What should happen?
There should have never been such scary sound coming from V speaker.

How often does this occur?
1st time post the setting described below

Some people left that area, and when I decided to leave to closing the V, the noise stopped. I sat back on my V trying to understand what happened. Later I recollected that the only change I did on the sound setting was to enable (checkbox) “Listen to this Device”, which was under the option “Microphone Properties”…


So I unchecked it later and till now the sound did not occur back…setting looks like this now…

How can we reproduce this issue?
As informed above I reverted back the setting, but again did the same at home, to reproduce the same but the noise was not there, but when I enable it I hear all sounds that come from the laptop itself, and if I talk on skype I can hear the same again (using the headphone). May be I need to try the same again in office in the same location and scare all :smile: :wink: .

Any idea, what just happened? Was there an interference with speaker sound channeled to the mic and again playing back on the speaker, or something else ???.


Try checking that box but with earphones plugged in.

If you don’t experience the screeching, then it’s feedback, normal and not an issue with the V.

The mic is picking up the audio from your speakers and playing it and that’s getting looped.

There’s probably a lot more ambient sound in your office than at home and that’s why it didn’t happen when you tried it then.


Yes, that is not a bug - that is normal behaviour.

You should never check “Listen to this device” when the microphone can pick up sound from the speakers. The dialog box itself states: “If you connect a microphone, you may hear feedback”.

Simple solution: do not check “Listen to this device” - problem solved.


I was not having the headphone connected when the strange noise was produced.


Yep, so to confirm the issue, do this:

Check the box without earphones plugged in, and make a lot of noise. This should cause the screeching.

Then repeat with earphones, there should be no screeching.

If everything happens as described, then we can confirm that it’s audio feedback from the looping and not an issue with the V.