[X] Remove CalMan Client Splash Screen


What does happen? Calman splash screen appears on every boot :frowning:
What should happen? No Splash Screens! :slight_smile:
How often does this occur? Every time you boot up (from shutdown)
How can we reproduce this issue? Just reboot :smile:

I really don’t like splash screens when I boot up! Probably not possible due to Calman, but if we could get rid of the splash it would be awesome (and much more in line with Eve’s philosophy of no bloat!).

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

Great idea! I dislike every static icon (which doesn’t provide any status information etc) on the taskbar and I hate splash screens and popus. “Just do your thing silently in the background, will you?” I like a clean and neat experience.


is there no option in the calman program to disable the splash screen?

or, you can try this

  1. Task Manager > Startup
  2. disable calman startup
  3. right click > open file location (of calman program)
  4. right click > create shortcut (to desktop)
  5. move the shortcut to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  6. right click on shortcut > Properties > Run select “Minimized”
  7. restart computer and check if calman still starts with splash screen…


Off-topic but boy, is that one gorgeous wallpaper :heart_eyes:


Looks incredible on the V’s screen as well! This and more from the same guy are available: https://www.behance.net/brockhofer


It’s a good idea, but sadly didn’t help for me. The software will be minimized as before, but it still forces the splash screen…


too bad, that probably means the program already started minimized, you can revert the steps so it goes back to stock

i’ll look around the settings once I get mine (LB) if no one yet finds a solution


I worked myself with the notepad through the .dlls in the Calman folder, but there wasn’t an obvious option that popped into my eye. It’s maybe a large stretch, but can the @Team ask Calman, if they have a setting somewhere to not show the splash screen? Some 1 to 0 hidden in the .dlls, for example.