[X] Pretty little add-on parts for your V? Community-Design


Hey everyone around!

I’ve looked around and think I have a great Idea!

3D Printed Parts fitting to your own V and for everyone who want’s to!

For which Person is it? Everyone! Persons with Ideas work with Persons with knowhow for CAD and together with Persons with 3D-Printers
The person who own a 3D Printer may knows about it. There are pretty much CAD/3D part-libraries in the www :smiley:
But what about doing it for our V?
May for time-Resolution for the V and the company could take the Idea if they like to, may for a next generation of the V? They don’t have to, but even if not the people who want a small adjustment nobody other needs he get it! Or just life-haks? Or to personalize our own V?

What about the people who haven’t interest and want to read in this area other things?
We could make an category for it so nobody who hasn’t any interest on it read over it away, but the people who like to be apart of it can join it.
What would be going on in this category?
Posted some sketches for resolution and people who know how to design or how to work with an CAD Programm with .stl Interface can put it in the library or work it out, together! And if the work is done, the solutions in the library could be 3D printed.

So tell me your opinion! Am I alone with it? Are you on the same opinion? Can we do it?

  • Would like to have the chance to personalize my V!
  • I want life-haks for my V!
  • I want do a little adjustment on my V!
  • I want to get some parts for my V which are not existing yet!
  • I have great Ideas for a new resolution, let’s do it!
  • I can do CAD and would join it!
  • I have a 3D Printer and help you!
  • I would like to have a V-3D-Add-On-Part Library!
  • I don’t want a Library but may the other things are a good Idea!
  • Let’s make an own category and don’t SPAM the others away :slight_smile:
  • Great Idea!
  • I don’t have any Interest in this.
  • Other opinion: Please tell me!

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A little V accessory favour (does anyone have a 3D printer?)

Having just recently found a way to maybe get my hands on an Eve V, I feel like I can get back in the game. This sounds like a really good idea. It’s a crowd-sourced computer, so crowd-sourcing add-on parts sounds like it should totally be a thing! I have a 3D printer I can use for testing and I have some (albeit quite limited) experience with Sketchup and Blender.

Something that would help the modding and accessories community immensely would be for at least the exterior schematics to be made public, like in .stl format, just so that we have a good 1st-party reference as to how to accomodate the shape of the device. It isn’t a completely flat-backed tablet like the Surface or Transformer tablets, so a detailed definition of those dimensions would be handy. If we can’t get those officially (like they’re under NDA or some other embargo) then we can probably figure them out ourselves, but that just takes time and instruments most people probably won’t have. I’ve done 3D printing projects like this before - designing something to flush-fit an object with curved surfaces by eye is a bit of a pain.

But yes, this is a great idea and it should totally be a thing. In my opinion, anything that can further improve the Eve V in any way is something to be encouraged.


absolutly the same opinion! I’m working every day with Programms like Inventor, Solid Works and sometimes with Pro Engineer Wildfire too. At home i have an prusa i3 (cover) with a Printvolume from up to 20³cm and a realy great print Quality, but only single extruder. On my actual work I theres a multec 420 with a quite big print volume 20x40x19 cm, but a actual bad print Quality. So until the last two or three years I collect Expertise with my own Printer and could say I know how to design in thisway my Printer can print it. I am an technical Product Designer for Plant and Maschineconstruction so my area not so much the pretty good looking its the functionality and only on the second Hand the estetic.


It would be interesting, what the @Team mean to this


To be honest, I’m not really sure what you are proposing. Can you give an example of something you’d like to build?


I agree, the quality of 3d printed parts is quite poor and the only practical use for 3d printing is rapid prototyping. It may be very useful to create concepts for next generation eve devices but I doubt you’ll be able to make make anything overly compelling. The one exception being some sort of tablet stand.


Yes, that was one of my intention of the category Time-Resulution. May a stand or if someone wants to add anything else, like a clamp with his Initials (just an example :wink: ) or if they think the pen magnet not hold strong enought they could clamp it on the side…
And to your point quite poor quality, i want to give you some pic what is able to print

the key is the designer and the able printquality (printnozzle and layerhight)


That depends entirely on what you’re building and what quality you care about. Aesthetically, okay, I’ll give you that the parts are not pretty. The tolerances are usually not tight at all, either. However, if you make a block out of ABS and you give it good infill, the only significant structural weakness is splitting along one axis. I’ve made parts out of ABS to anchor a 30lb HP all-in-one to a wall. I can stand on that thing and it won’t break. if you design it with that one axis in mind, they’re very sound.


yes your right. For example, I’ve printed one thread 0,05 layer hight and it looks pretty good. And in case someone really want a great surface for real good looking with some materials there are some ways to make it happen… grounder, paint, gloss…
And its right, if the designer follow some construction-rules the strenght could be optimized and even the needed material can be saved


A pogo pin saver for example would be great. To prevent them from breaking on a messy desk in BT mode…


you mean a cap to cover it? that’s quite easy :smiley: but I would need the exact measurements in this area… and the “alkantara” cover of the keyboard I’ve heard from, how much can it be pressed may for formcircut?


The pogo pin area is plastic. When do you get your own V?


I’am the first flash sale from dec, so I think looking on the messages on the forum it will be feb


I take a look to the measurements tomorrow at my V. Second step will be a pogo pin saver with a USB-C port to load the keyboard…



my idea in a pic


I’ve not seen how to charge the keyboard… may you could give me a short explanation?


A pogo pin saver with wires to the pins which use USB protocol. The wires should be connected to a female USB-C port to plug in a charger cable…


I’ll on my phone in the moment. Will scribble some ideas tomorrow…


ehm… this sounds like the charging is not existing yet…? Or do I understand wrong?


The keyboard only charges when connected directly to the V. When it is in Bluetooth mode there is no way to charge it…