[X] New Magnetic USB-C Cable w/ Charging LED


While NOT software, I did want to ulitise the voting option, and there is no equivelant hardware section (and rightfully so, the V is developed; however this is an accessory).

Anyone pro a magnetic USB-C charger with LED indicating red for charging and blue/green for charged? The magnetic tip would have to be shaped to fit the bezel of the V, as any current market solutions wouldn’t be ‘flush’ with the current V design. Please leave a vote above if you’re interested, and also indicate below how much you’d pay for this!

Pricing starts at $15 because it would never be that cheap, realistically it would cost a minimum of $30 considering current costs of an extra cable on Eve’s accessory page.

@mlivesey provided the following lovely graphic :kissing_heart:

** Please note prices are in USD **

  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $30
  • $35
  • $40
  • $45
  • $50

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I think an adapter to do the same would be a good option, and perhaps more universal.


See I personally like the idea of a cable because it’ll have less bulk on the head of it from using an adapter.


I already checked 2 diffrent magnetic usbc charging Cables but none was at an acceptable quality. Personally I dont want a led included because I am charging my V near to my bed and the charging led is disturbing.


The LED doesn’t have to be bright, just something to indicate the circuit is complete (which I believe is almost necessary for many reasons). You can always choose to put a piece if tape or something over the light so it doesn’t bother you though.

I do think it shouldn’t be bright, just visible.


I do appreciate I put in a lot of prices guys. But do you really feel the mag connector is worth $5-$10 more than a cable without one?? If that’s all people are willing to pay, this can never go ahead.


well, we could put the led on the cable end of it, that way you could just face the led away from you at night and during the day have it towards you and visible. Or, connect it the other way around, so the light is on the other end of the cable that goes into the charger.


I agree. an LED for me would save me a lot of hassle, since ive had the situation once or twice now that I charged the V, or so I thought, and only discovered way too late that I had not actually charged it because of a bad connection.


Check out “MACNETO: World’s 1st Multi-Device Compatible Cable” on Indiegogo http://igg.me/at/macneto1/shre/15260599

I’m waiting for this one that should be PD complaiant.
Just like many other projects there are some delays but it should arrive between March and April, as it is here I’ll let you know if it works as the original one;)


Another option (without LEDs) is the Volta magnetic adapter that was recently featured on LTT.

It seems to be pretty cheap right now on IndieGoGo (3 days left in campaign rn) and it’s estimated to be shipped in February, as long as they don’t use 4px for shipping.


None of the suggested alternatives address the issue of the chassis being slanted where the port is. So they can never be flush.


I like the idea.

Maybe the part that goes in the V can be Angled on booth sides, there is no reason why it needs to be perpendicular.


This is a good idea as an accessory to V.

Just so that everyone understands: There are restrictions with this kind of connector - currently.

I’ve looked at the magnetic USB Type-C cables on the market and they all seem to have one thing in common. They can only be used for charging. There is no data transfer through this type of connector.

However, I seem to remember that there is one in development that does transfer also data, but I couldn’t find any information about it anymore.

But we could design a kickass magnetic USB Type-C connector with USB PD charging and data transfer. And we could have two versions, one slanted face one for the V and another for other devices.


Are USB PD and Quickcharge mutually exclusive? Or can we have both in our charger?


Many chargers I’ve seen have both, but they’re separate ports.


This is exactly what I am searching left and right. The angled connector is also well thought!

During my research I found a number of usb-c type magnetic connectors for charging, smartphones and Macbook Pro’s. Especially on Amazon there are a number of products with lots of reviews. What scared me was a high number of complaints, 1-2 months after use users had their cables “fried” or damaged ports controllers of macbook pro’s.

That scared quite a lot! Also made me think that these magnetic connectors need a deep testing for tablets and laptops charging, reliability etc. Currently if there is no 4-5 months successful use cases for charging a tablet or Macbook Pro with these magnetic connectors I might not be willing to risk.