[X] Make the keyboard magnets stronger


What does happen?
Keyboard is somehow loosing connection when travelling around, keyboard thus falls down unexpectedly

What should happen?
Keyboard should stay on the V even there is little force applied from all sides.

How often does this occur?
It happens quite often to me. Especially when the keyboard is folded to the back (so you can use the pen).

How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Connect the keyboard to the V
  • Fold the keyboard to the back (keyboard falls off 25% of times)
  • Apply a bit of force to the sides of the keyboard and it just (keyboard falls off 50% of times)


Actually I just realized that all this stuff is posted in Software Improvements. I couldn’t find a category about hardware though…


That’s because the hardware really can’t be changed at this point. The feedback could go towards building a V 2 (though bare in mind Eve has not announced any plans to make a second gen anytime soon), details of which you can probably find in the #development:whats-next category.


Yes, I share your experience with the magnet of the keyboard. Make the shelf life of the Pogopin bar higher!


So let’s to it like everytime I find something that doesent work like it should: Take a 3D Printer, design a Fitting and make an clamp so it will be on it even the magnet is killed in a few time. But I think this way is not avaiable for everyone… maybe not everybody is technical drawer and have a 3D Printer XD


Keyboard disconnecting when fully folded back is a design choice by the community, as is the ease of disconnecting

source unfound, please disregard


I couldn’t find this anywhere - could you point me to the poll where this was decided?

If this was a design decision, it was quite poor in my opinion as it forgets that when using V as a tablet (with Pen and such) the keyboard disconnects most of the time.


I’ll have to retract what I said for now, as I can’t find the source either, sorry


It even disconnects and falls if you just try to carry V open. No idea how much punishment can the keyboard withstand (or if it was even drop-tested at all), but it shouldn’t detach from V under its own weight.


There’s a built in battery. This was disclosed in the beginning. Maybe they can prove on this m in the V2 when it’s more of a Surface Book.

But by what @Thospa is saying I agree. But mine doesn’t do that. Is yours possibly defective? Mine takes work to remove.


This was already known that the magnets arent strong enough for this.