[X] Keyboard battery runs down when not being used


What does happen?
The keyboard battery runs down relatively quickly when not being used

What should happen?
The keyboard should go into some sort of sleep mode so that the battery does not run down so quickly.

How often does this occur?
All the time

How can we reproduce this issue?
Leave the keyboard connected for a while to fully charge it
Disconnect the keyboard - do not enable bluetooth, do not press any keys
In a day or two, reconnect the keyboard - the LED will be glowing red to indicate the battery is flat

I have a couple of other bluetooth keyboards, and none of them run down so quickly in the keyboard’s sleep state (i.e. waiting for a key to be pressed). So it would be great if the V keyboard would work the same way.


What time period do you mean by this?


I’ve not tested it thoroughly, but I think about a couple of days.


Is it just me or is it true that the keyboard battery just charge when it is under a specific level like 30% and not every time when I charge the V?
If this is true it would be a really bad solution in my opinion.


If that’s the case, that could explain why it was flat after a couple of days - i.e. it wasn’t charged in the first place. However, it’s difficult to tell with only the red LED giving an indication of battery level.


my turn to start experiencing no-warning flat keyboard battery


My keyboard battery will not charge higher than 55%, no matter the time on charge…
Any ideas?


how do you know it’s 55%?


It shows the battery in the Bluetooth settings.


Yes in setting, Bluetooth. I also have an app that shows battery percentage for all connected Bluetooth devices that report that data.


Eve said that the battery in the keyboard is enough for a few hours. Every day I use V as a workstation at work, connected to the monitor. I use the keyboard all the time for bluetooth without backlight. The battery lasts for 2-3 weeks. Seriously.