[X] Keyboard backlight turns on when the V turns off


Now I know this title sounds weird but hear me out :slight_smile:

What does happen?
When the keyboard isn’t used the backlight will turn off automatically. However, if you press the power button on the V in this state the screen will turn off as expected but the keyboard backlight will turn on again and wait a bit until it turns off automatically again.

What should happen?
It should stay off.

How often does this occur?
Every time you do it.

How can we reproduce this issue?
See above :slight_smile:

Now I know this is absolutely minor but I thought I’d suggest it anyway.


But what if your using the keyboard over bluetooth with another device?


I’m not sure what you’re asking. I’m talking about the keyboards behaviour when connected with the pogo pins.


Oh, sorry I thought you meant when using over BT. My bad. That is a weird behavior, never experienced on my SP3, but that’s because it’s not possible since it doesn’t have a battery in the keyboard.


This also happens to me when disconnecting the KB from the V. The back light does not default to off but stays on for a bit as @ToiletSheep mentioned. Weirdly it sometimes turns off correctly but other times stays on (maybe depending on how it is disconnected ~ which pogos are last to touch?) Related but potentially separate issue?