[X] Improve the speakers


I was trying to do this steps, but the links are unavailable. Could you upload it again please?
Thanks in advance!


Does one of the community know how to enable the sound rotate when PC is rotated? When V is in the vertical position, both the L and R channels are located in the same side. Because V has 4 speakers, I hope the sound rotates automatically (and together with V) and balance among 4 speakers can be controlled manually. The lower 2 speakers in my V does not sound loud enough (are they really built in?), compared to the top 2 speakers.
Because this may not be as large topic as to build new one, I post here, one of the current topic about the audio. Thanks in advance.


There are no bottom speakers on the V. All the speakers are along the top.


As far as I remember reading in a post: the speakers are facing backwards.
A good pair of headphones will unlock the V’s audio capacities (if the latest audio drivers are installed off course :wink:).

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What audio capacities? Are you joking? :slight_smile: V is lame as hell on headphones!

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Strange, because after the V sound driver updates (a while ago already) and “goooood” headphones it became quite OK on my V.
Just some questions:

  • Did you instal the latest Realtec driver ?
  • Did you put the ‘Dolby Atmos for headphones’ setting on?
  • does your V show a soundmixer somewhere?:hugs:

No AML, you are wrong. V is lame on speakers & on headphones. Why?

  • speakers - because a lot of speakers are factory damaged. Konsta tells you that they will fix distortion, they can’t. If speakers are producing distorions you can only lower specific frequency to make it sounds cleaner. A lot of HEB have problem with speakers and I believe our problem will not be fixed because of “SITUATION”. If you have this luck to have V with good speakers (after the first two batches of production) you can say there are OK and it is true, but only ok.
  • I know from good source, that there is no software lock on mini-jack power output. As far as I know they put an AMP in V with (I hope I understood it well) hardware lock that turn off build-in AMP. I know that sounds stupid but when you have delays on HEB you have no time to release it as it should be released. They could not afford to burn their users’ headphones and did not have time to work on the situation. It is not only important for headphones but also for external speakers. I use Edifier speakers daily with V. I know how good AMPed device sounds, believe me. Not only for it output-power but also separation of sound, clean, no noise etc. (don’t know specific english words for it). There is a huge gap between how V and Axon 7 sounds in combination with Edifier speakers. But when you are listing to mp3 256 I can’t explain it to you.

For this moment V sounds worse that SP4 and SP 2017. As a AMP POWERED device I should compare V to devices like Axon 7, V30 etc. Believe me please, V sounds normal, without wow effect. You can try to boost sound with software like Dolby, but this is like to put spoilers on Opel Calibra… yes you can say that it looks faster +4hp.


Maybe your V is lame on speakers and headphones but saying that’s the case for 'the V" is inaccurate. Many of us have no problems and find the audio quality of the V to be just fine…great in fact, especially for a 2in1 device. I would agree that the lack of support and a fix for those with audio issues is a problem. That doesn’t mean the V’s audio capabilities are terrible as a matter of principle though.

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Where did I write that V audio is terrible? I wrote that is OK and only ok but only when you are lucky guy with no distortion on speakers.


Still a bit puzzled by your V-audio non performance.
Is this your present audio driver?

-Sorry it’s a bit Dutch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe I misunderstood what you meant but your posts say that the V’s audio is “lame” and “lame as hell” which is the same as saying that it’s terrible.

All I’m saying is that while you think it’s only OK, some of us find it to be better than just OK. It just seems like you are using the bad examples to make a statement about the V in general and back up your opinion that the V’s audio isn’t good. You’re ignoring the good examples which show that many Vs don’t have audio problems. You’re also telling those of us that find the audio to be perfectly fine that we are wrong. In many ways, the audio quality is really just a matter of opinion and perspective.


I’m surprised that I wrote some interesting things that are not interesting to you at all. That you treat my statement as whining or some sort of hate. The fact that there is a problem with the speakers I have proved several times. Perhaps the problem occurred only in HEB and EB, I do not know. It was not me who got too excited about the quality of the audio in V. Eve said he was sweeping the audio market with this product. The fact that 4 speakers do not go proper way what it should is one thing. That the promised headphone amplifier is turned off without being able to run does not bother you? It bothers me. Maybe you bought a V for a different purpose and the audio system just has to be. For me, great audio was what decided to buy V over SP4. This is not a matter of my feeling but of solid facts. And the fact that no one is interested anymore in the amplifier’s case confirms that you enjoy anything that works in V and let yourself be fooled by the CEO’s words that everything is ok! Well, if there are people who have been waiting for almost a year for V and are not frustrated, it means that the CEO is a PR magician.


Why do you think that your personal V experience (I understand that hose are the “solid facts”) allows you to say that those who had correct audio are fooled by the Eve CEO?
Every cow is an animal, does that mean that every animal is obligatory a cow?
You never answered any of my questions, why?
Is it offensive when somebody is asking which audio driver your V hasand what are it’s settings?


Seriously just chill out.

I personally think the speakers don’t suck but @Artur_Jedrzejewski is right that there were mistakes made. I’m not sure if the mistakes are full hardware defects or not but the speaker directions were a poor choice. It’s pointless now to just argue about preferences, to each his own.

Just remember this now, and use it constructively for the future Eve products.

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I don’t see any pros in Eve’s speaker… Many comparison videos on YT between it and SP show that If you like better camera/speaker you should definitely choose SP. For V they cut the cost on this to get better screen imo.

But if the speaker is not working, that’s Eve’s problem. You may turn it to support (but you may sent the request twice if they don’t reply you)


Oh, my mistake. I do not know why I think V has 4, but I had believed so. Now everything’s very much clear. Thank you, nawthor and AML.

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Self reply ; this is the capture from the PREVIOUS webpage.

This must be the reason I had believed V had 4 speakers. And I believed every corner had a speaker without a reason.
The speakers in V are uzually loud enough to me, but only sometimes I want it louder. In such case, I use earphone.
I respect V team and community because even after the product is sold, they will not stop improving. Although I visit less frequently than before, I am still interested in the future of V. Good luck to all of you (us).


From memory I believe there are a pair of speakers in each speaker housing along the top. Ie two in each top corner

My speakers aren’t amazing but are OK. I wish they faced forwards though…


Yes, my colleague can hear louder !


I posted some time ago that my V sits on my desk and the desk is against a wall and the sound bounces back at me and sounds good enough for me to be quite satisfied.

However the majority of my listening is done through headphones, and certainly have no issue with the sound.