[X] Improve the speakers


[X] Improve the speakers

Plenty of posts around already and I’m sure this is on the to do list, but adding here for completeness :slight_smile:


I would love to see Dolby Audio on the V, or something similar. I am not sure whether this is technically even possible, but I think the effect for the average user would be massive! Also I guess Dolby would be a problem because of the license… But maybe something similar would help! :slight_smile: I don’t need the Dolby Branding, just an improvement like that! :wink:


The first thing that should be done is getting all speakers on the V to consistently have equal volume, no distortion, no added noise, and the same frequency response without the user having to do anything, as the Default setting. After that, adding EQ (tone controls), perhaps some psychoacoustic features (Dolby) would be fine.:speaker::sound::loud_sound:


quick question. Currently, are the speakers/sound less or same quality as in the SP4?
In all the reviews I did not see this mentioned.


In this moment they are not as good as sp4, I have booth.


Today I’ve noticed something new. Friend send me a YT video, i clicked play, volume 100%, YT volume 100% and there was no sound. I checked on the speakers in Control Panel Win10 and at this

there was sound, but I couldn’t hear it. Of course I’m not deaf :smiley: I clicked pause, go somewhere, back again, pushed play and the sound was there.

Another time I noticed that at the start of a movie sound was very quiet and in a time of about 1 minute it was growing up to 100%. I thought it was only me but my friend from work told me the same, not asked. Strange Things :wink:

EDIT: Quite sure about this growing sound. Now I’ve got notification about new clip on YT. Clicked, no sound. I went to a Control Panel and I saw that sound is growing on speakers on my own eyes :wink:


FWIW, this HP notebook i am using has similar sound issues, where when it comes back after being in hibernate, the sound driver goes wonky. i either have to uninstall and reinstall the default driver for the sound, or reboot. I figured it was something buggy with this HW and win7. it’s annoying for sure.


I would like to show you guys what small lowpowered speakers can do…



this sir… this is what came in my mind all of this year… really… a phone sounds better than a laptop? reality : yes it is! and the “V” have quad speaker!


I know that Axon 7 is very music phone, but as I thought V was supposed to be like that! That is why it hurts me so much and I can’t wait for software updates from Eve.


So the question is: How do we care about this issue?
Right now, the speakers are so bad, that I wouldnt keep the device honestly.

I hope that this is really just a software fault and not some hardware issue…
The V is really an awesome device, but the speakers kind off destroy it for me and make it unusable…

The question is, can we expect a fix for this within 14 days (EU-Return-Policy-Time)…?


I know it’s not ideal, but whilst we await a central fix, have you tried doing a little bit of tuning? I’m no expert, but apps like equalizer-apo have given other users some sizable improvements


I am audio artist for a flight simulation next to my fulltime job and so have a little bit of knowledge about sound.
Either there is a problem with placing/housing the speakers (or the speakers themselfes), or the driver are amplifying too much and thus generate the distortion.

It is absolutely unacceptable how the speakers are right now.

I know it isnt the best recording (as you can hear my mouse of my desktop pc click) but you can compare the audio quality of the V speaker (including the heavy distortion) with the original sound (how it comes from my desktop pc).


To reproduce this (on your Vs) just click the volume icon in the taskbar, set volume to higher than 25% and click the volume bar (it will issue this sound to show you the current volume)… The sound shouldnt have that bad clipping…

So @Team is this a hardware/design error, or are you fixing this with a driver possibly (and maybe have already looked into this)


We have bunch of audio topics around. As you know we are progressing with speaker improvements!

Right now we are tackling windows notification sound distortion as well as pushing out new audio profile to everyone!

Find the latest progress so far below:


Emdoor and Realtek is tuning our speakers to reduce the distortion, especially when playing Windows notification sound (e.g. the sound when you adjust the volume)
sound file link

Tuning tool download link

How to use this tool?

  1. double click to open
  2. tick the box (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass) you would like to adjust, and change the parameters
  3. click “Apply” and click “EQ enable” in prompted window
  4. listen to the sound

Below is the settings I got from Emdoor.
I tested it on some Vs. And the distortion is relieved much, however, the maximum volume is also reduced.
They are still trying to tune it better.

Please try this tool yourself (changes you made will be gone after reboot).
If you can find good tuning parameters, please share it here.
And we can directly use it for BIOS update if community agree your solution is good enough.


Yep, I agree! Especially Atmos makes really…


sounds (when enabled).


Yes, have it on my smartphone since a few days and it is just incredible what you could get out of those little speakers. It even improves the bluetooth audio output.


How did you put it on your smartphone?



I’ve rooted it, is an Android Smartphone :slight_smile:


Many of these sound-booster technologies (for example, Dolby Atmos) also come pre-installed straight to the device (so, there is no hassle afterwards installing it). For example, in mobile-side Nokia 6 has it as an build-in function. :slightly_smiling_face: