[X] Improve the battery life


[X] Improve the battery life

Simple as :wink:

How about polishing the V even further? Introducing: V Software Improvements

Add to that a control interface and/or set of instructions to best optimize settings for longest battery life.


Improve battery life in sleep mode as some device does not go to sleep and consume 1% / hour battery life. Probably need to tune some driver.

[Summary] Software Improvements Progress (keep updating)

Microsoft had just conducted a battery life test comparing Edge vs Firefox and Chrome like what they did the last time last year, but this time its with the FCU update.


The interesting part is Edge could make the average CPU power consumption all the way down to 0.2W on the Surface Book test system they have (i5-6300U). In the V, I could only get it down to 0.3W, and that’s a minimum, not an average.


It is a shame that Edge is in so many ways completely broken browser :frowning:

It extension support is lacking, and the extensions dont even usually work when they should etc.


How long is the battery life are you getting?


At 0.3W, like a billion hours I’ll bet. holy jeebus and here I am feeling happy if I can get mine down under 4W.

I just got my transformer 3 pro back from repair, and I’ve noticed that it regularly chills at ~1W at idle, there’s probably plenty of battery life to be squeezed out of the V with optimisations.


Afaik more like the devs build websites for chrome rather than edge (the whole ie6 again, try running Google stuff on edge, the experience is meh). That said, edge in android seems pretty good, haven’t crashed on me once yet, compared to that sob chrome dev.


I suggest giving the free W10privacy tool (www.winprivacy.com) a shot. It’s an easy way to disable various background tasks which seems to help battery quite a bit.
I reach about 10h with lite office use and surfing, wifi always on without even having touched the power settings so far (screen brightness always very low, mind, as that amazing thing is bright enough for me at 15-20%).

Edit: make sure to use the tool only with the keyboard, as the window seems to have scaling problems when used in tablet mode with on-screen keyboard.


How about a personalised power saving option which includes bunch of options ( limit background apps, location, sensors, camera, screen resolution maybe, black/white option, limit the cpu mabye) ?


Here something that is definite and will help you with all that.


It looks quite realistic: somebody has tried this on its V?
It may help to get a max battery live value and surely helps to understand the why’s of the everyday battery life.

Well, the presenter himself is surely on high energy mode :joy:


He’s always like that :slight_smile: