[X] Improve Palm/clasp recognition while writing


What does happen? If i write with the pen and touch the screen with my palm, sometimes it recogniz it as touch input and move the e.g. Onenote Document.
What should happen? V should ignor the palm inputs.
How often does this occur? randomly a few times in 10 minutes while writing
How can we reproduce this issue?

  • Write with the pen and touch the screen with your palm/clasp


Maybe it’s not possible. I tried the Surface Book. It’s nearly same bad as the V.

A HP Pen 2 in 1 Device made it very good, but i think the palm recognition is made by microsoft and can’t easily be modified.


Hi @Oernifly,

I have the same problem. Cause: palm rejection is disabled when the pen is out of the hover distance.

To me it seems your issue is the same as [B] Palm rejection / hover distance, already reported as bug and mentioned by the team (Xinjie) in the Software Improvement Summary Thread:

Is this correct? Then your thread could be merged with the other.


Yes - correct.

I did not saw this Bug report. Thank you.

@Team can you merge/close?