Would you like to have Eve team Q&A?


Hello community!

I realized that we have not done QnAs in a while! Community is what drives us and we feel bad when we are not actively participating in it. We were less active since Jan as we were focusing on internal team improvements and finishing things before Chinese New Year. Anyways, that’s something we could tel about for example! Here comes my question!

Would you like Eve team to have a QnA?

  • I would love Reddit QnA
  • I would love YouTube livestream QnA with good video and connection quality to chat with team
  • I would love to join QnA in community
  • Not interested in QnA
  • No, I don’t want to talk to you guys
  • Other

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Eve Team Youtube Q&A Part 2

A private Q&A in community would be really nice, but I’d always go for a livestream Q&A. You guys are awesome as always @Konstantinos. Keep it up!


I definitely recommend Reddit over the other options, it would open the gateway to the much wider audience.

Meanwhile, although YouTube also opens the similar gateway, there might not be enough exposure to get the attention as it’s pretty much self-hosted, unlike Reddit AMA that has specified time slot. In addition to that, YT requires the audience to be actively streaming, which is rather inconvenient if youre not in the room where you can hear the video, or you have limited data connection.

Also I think it would be cool if the Reddit AMA is open for longer than few hours, which is the case for the most Reddit AMAs. Having it open for a week or so would allow people who are late to the news to join in, as not everybody has the time to join in that exact time window, or keeps an eye on Reddit AMA and/or tech news 24/7.


Patrick makes a great point about reaching a wider audience. Perhaps a Reddit AMA to get people interested, than a Youtube live stream following up?


Well why not collect good questions from the community, put them in order, and think about a good answer beforehand.

Than do an interview type, keep it spot on and tight so the viewers won’t loose interest and upload it on Youtube.

I say this, because I think about your previous videos and there where partially quite unorganized and long and now you represent also your product to not only new potential customers but to a broader audience.

Keep it up boys!


I honestly would like a reddit AMA AND a YT Q&A - while the reddit one is a bit more public and has a wider reach a YT livestream feels more personal and is just more direct.

Because of that I’d like an AMA first and a nice YT livestream a few weeks after it :slight_smile:


Just please, no youtube shit.

Honestly the previous ones have been bad. Just my honest opinion

YT Q&A needs a definitive script that you follow, otherwise it will be a total mess and questions get answered here and there. Also YT stream usually go totally offtopic.


If I remember that correct.the last YouTube life stream was from china.a hotel conference room. With problems through the great China firewall.

The team is now ,correct me if it’s not correct, in Finland and they could use a better internet connection without China’s great firewall.

At the moment most people want yt. So the team have time to plan the live stream and can organise better equipment (camera, microphones, internet connection)

YouTube is easy and well planned and with good organisation the stream can be really good. The equipment shouldn’t be a potato. :smile:


Reddit over all, period.


I’m not talking about the one from Chine specifically. Even the ones they did from Finland were jumping all over the place with no clear structure what so ever.


Strongly disagree.
Reddit is analog to the way they communicate over here. There is no point in doing the same thing. Q&A has to be different.
If they stay on-topic a YT way is maybe not still perfect, but I least we can see their reactions and stuff.


OK first I solemnly swear if there’s a YT Q&A I won’t be the reason it goes offtopic.

Moving on, I agree that a reddit AMA wouldn’t be much different from what happens here, and also that YT Q&A would be better if it has some structure.

Perhaps the team could collect questions to answer, dedicate half of the video (stream) to answering those questions then the second half could be then answering questions that come in from the comments?

I’m sure we have some content creators here, maybe we can crowdsource a Q&A flipper?


A clear structure is necessary. without there will be a lot question and less answers. And the answers are going to open more questions.

If there is a YouTube stream there should be a thread here a few days before collecting questions. Just questions.

If everyone reads all questions and like the one that’s matches the own interests instead of posting the same question over and over again. The team is able to see a priority through the numbers of likes.
So the first posts a question.
The second like it but have another one. So he write it down.
The third just has one question. the question is posted before so he just likes it.

And so on and so on…


Personally, I don’t really think it’s necessary.

Full version:
Never really been a fan or interested in Q&A, but I do believe the best way to get more people interested in Eve is to do it via Reddit, or at the very least promote it in relevant subs. (I’m also not active on Reddit, so if I’m wrong, sorry).

The most important part of the Q&A is the reach, after that is the possible effect/commitment. I believe that a livestream Q&A would give viewers/readers a more emotional connection towards the brand and the team, thus improving the effect.

But again, this is an outside-in view. I don’t really care about Q&A or commercial/promotional interviews. They tend to have

  • irrelevant personal information that has barely to no impact to the content of the subject
  • stupid questions
  • A lack of questions that a worth answering
  • No new information anyway.

I’m not saying any Q&A has all of the above, as I don’t participate/look for them. I honestly don’t see the appeal of it. And honestly, I have absolutely no clue what I would ask Eve at this point, besides the obvious : What’s the next big project? And I somehow doubt that will be revealed in a Q&A.
And even if it were to be revealed, a mere minutes later the forum would be buzzing about it.

Also, I believe the point of a Q&A is like a “Behind the Scenes”. To give people a peak in what/how things are happening. Given the open nature of Eve, I don’t really see the point of it to be honest. Why would I post in a Q&A when i could post outside a Q&A and get the same answers?



Discussion continues here: Eve Team Youtube Q&A Part 2

Thank you all for your inputs!