Worldwide map of V backers


It’s always nice to see a cluster of Eve V owners in Europe and then the rest is all spread out. Oh Europe you’re so small. (Not being offensive)


I think it might be that we (Canada) are just so big! :slight_smile: A friend of mine from the Philippines had another friend come to Canada to go to school in Ontario (we are in BC) and when she arrived she called her up and invited her for dinner that night. She had no concept of how vast our country is. (and I would not have it any other way - I love the emptiness of it ) :heart:


“Where potential buyers will be able to get hands on a backer’s Eve-V” was the original intent, with volunteering backers adding themselves on the map.

It is quite certain that many people did not understand that.


I’m a bit older than most of the members here and I’m staggered with the Western worlds obsession with privacy and anonymity of people these days.

People go to extremes of not showing where they are located and then for some silly reason they talk about that fact.
It’s a bit like an oxymoron.

Why for goodness sake are people frightened to have their triangle close to or exactly where they live? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Then after all of this privacy effort, people go out and post pics online of where they’re eating, drinking, travelling or partying etc.

Could someone shed some light on why you would think someone might be going to come and hunt you down or something like that.

Personally I don’t people really care where I or anyone else lives. This site is only to collect and show data related to the country and city etc, and even then it’s only for statistical or maybe later marketing purposes.

It seems to me that a lot of commentary here about the privacy is just like Fakebook fodder.


i am the only one from Greece


Perhaps @nawthor can check whether the forum software can be expanded, so that everyone can decide in his personal settings which data he wants to enter for the Worldcard and if he has already got a V. That would be cool.


I am not the only one who can check the software capabilities. Anyone can browse to look for whatever they want. They might learn a thing or two in the process.
I am always open to suggestions should anyone come across a plugin they think would be a good fit for the community, a setting they think should be tweaked or something else. That’s why we have #community:forum-feedback.

On the topic, I really liked @Helios’s suggestion for something for V owners.

I am also not opposed to having an automatic map of all the users here in the community, but there is a lot that needs to be discussed and figured out if we are to do that. I remember coming across something about user maps some time ago (I seem to recall something about goats), and I’ll see if I can find it or something similar and if it’s a good fit.
But even if we make a map of all our users, I think it might be hard to make an automated system for users to mark themselves as owners that also verified to our list of owners.


you can also turn the page and offer a clean map to potential buyers which are interested in a hands-on for sharing their site. V owners can take a look to it and if they are next to them they can offer a hands-on… This will be completely away from any data-issues… everything is voluntarily…


Maybe, but Point XX should be your community username and you should tell you backer status (hyper early i7 f.e.) in the text box…


just changed everything


But… but… There are over 50 000 people out there wanting a V, and we’d give them a map with the exact location of all the Vs… What if they come and steal mine? :fearful::roll_eyes:


I already booked the flight, you got an i7 model, right? :wink:


I want some of what you’re smoking!

I’ve got an i7+ You’re very welcome to come and try.


That’s also a good idea.
I think the original way is better for 2 reasons.

  1. When I have my V I might not look at this map frequently (when I look for a V I will check the map more often)
  2. When I want to have a look at a V and there is none around I will never see it. The other way round if I travel somewhere I can have a look if there is a V near my destination.


It was more the sort of come and take it with me, but thanks for the offer.


I’m good with both ways.


Simple answer… I may or may not want to be aware and in control of what is shared about me, my location, and anything related to me. I want to be in control over who sees it (and here I’m not even talking so much about a company “having” that information in the background while having tons and tons of other people information as well, but more about a single individual being able to see or not see what I am sharing).

You considering yourself older than most should not make a difference. Nowadays, so much misuse of data can happen (see for example credit card fraud, burglers checking for people going on vacation, …). Having the chance to limit information to e.g. friends only and having the legal support to do so and force anybody else to obey my chosing is good.

If you think differently, you are free to choose to share everything with everybody. And that is good too. Choice (including the control of this choice) is good!


Yep, +1, mostly!

I’m also older than many (most) at 60.

I’ve no fundamental reason for wanting to keep my address private, after all - it used to be published in the local telephone directory, but I wouldn’t put it online simply because of the likely spam it would generate.


Here is an idea, perhaps not perfect (nothing is… :yum:) but a good beginning I think.

Every backers use an email to order and a city to ship their V.
Every community members use an email to register.

So use this information in an anonymous way !

I will try to explain more about what I imagine :

  • Make a map with some numbers of community members and/or V owners by country, state, city
  • Propose a way (button) to contact owners in some area by the community aka automatic PM. So people who receive this PM can feel free to answer or not.
  • To go forward, maybe a TAG or something on member’s account settings can be add to turn ON/OFF these automatic PM

So this system could be automatic with privacy respect and only on volunters :sunglasses:

What do you think about this ?


Off course there is: Gabon not far from the equator :star_struck:, within hearing distance from the ocean when the wind is right.
As asked: backer: yes; owner: no.