Worldwide map of V backers


First in Trinidad & Tobago, no big surprise there. Cheers to the person in St. Lucia and to the guy in Mainz.


hard to believe there is no one nearby


@cmmd_mx Can you can the Icon/pin back to the V-Logo, someone has changed it to a skull and cross bones.


@DeviceDave done :slight_smile: I’ll share the image here, so everyone could simply use it. It is not hq was just a 10 sek work to get it out of the gray-red V logo with some black shadow.


I also was thinkin about giving all community members a white/black V logo instead of the blue pin… what do you guys think?


WE have to think about the case V is gonna be shipped. People should change their logo when they have unpacked their V to see that it is available for a hands-on…


Just curious: why is there “Bangkok” and “HONG KONG” ?

These are city names AFAIK :sweat:

And there’s also this “YAY IM on a MAP” near Houston, TX
Very Constructive.


There are surely some members who didn’t read the first sentences. I’m even not sure that these are all backers. There are some names in the map I can’t find in the community…


I don’t know if there is a chance to implement this map directly into this community. @nawthor @Helios @iKirin : I know you have a lot of work… but how can we manage this? Nobody knows who in this community is a backer or just a member or… This “prototype tester” group was great… Everybody knows that these guys had a V in their hands. Is it possible to create new groups like “Creator hyper early i7”


The moment people started talking about how this map was quickly getting messy, I thought “we should have a list of all buyers’ addresses in a database somewhere, that would make for a much more complete map.” That said, making that list into something that looks good will take some time if we get around to it (because I do have some ideas to make it awesome). That would just be a fun “look at this map, Vs are everywhere!” image, though, and nothing more.

Whilst I appreciate the enthusiasm for this ongoing map project, I think that many people posted their location without knowing exactly what the map was supposed to represent, and as such this one probably won’t end up being actually useful for anything (but it’ll look awesome if we can fill the map with little triangles!). The idea of user previews is something I’ll want to discuss with the team though, and see if it’s something we can turn into a controlled, convenient system where interested potential buyers and volunteer V owners can get together and spread the word!


Thank you Helios. This was my intention back at the “Hello from Switzerland” thread when I offered to a potential buyer to see my V when I have it. The map looks great and somebody can use it if he finds someone with a V nearby, but I’m totally with you that this should be something decided and pushed by the eve team to become really successful.

No review and no internet-rumor can replace a real hands-on to decide to spend 1000€ and more for such a device. I had my hands-on in Ulm and looking back to this meetup makes me confident getting my V soon.


Basel, Stuttgart and San Francisco are V-Centers (Helsinki is the Capital). Are there no “backers” from Africa?


I would encourage you to not create a map based on the buyer’s address database.
This could at most be a neutral pin with no description next to it, because

  • someone might not agree to disclose their location
  • someone might not want to show off their purchased V

I think from a data security perspective it would be critical for Eve to create an “official” map, each single buyer would have to accept this on a separate note for Eve not to be sued at some point.

Thus, the best approach probably would be to clean up the existing map at some point (prior to V shipments) and to remove / adjust non-backers. I do fully agree that there should be some official guidelines for a controlled “V show off” … and if it includes T-Shirts it’s even better :wink:


I was thinking along the lines of triangles in city centers, with larger triangles if there are more buyers in that area. And probably something that can’t be zoomed to street level, too. Obviously, customer privacy should not suffer from our desire to show off how widespread our product is…


That actually sounds like a smart approach. And it would allow Eve to stay involved and guide through the experience a little bit (or a lot). I’m continuously amazed how well thought through this whole thing (introduction of community developed device to market) is!


@justin_ram apparently you and I are in roughly the same area (DFW). I just don’t want to put my information out there on a Google map.


Cool, I didnt put my exact location down, nor do I plan on it:stuck_out_tongue: But we should totally meet up for drinks sometime when they get delivered and share tips!
I am in FW.


I can understand not pinning your location directly (I pinned the district, roughly), but there’s ‘about the right location’ and there’s ‘way, way off’… I mean, @ToiletSheep pinned somewhere around Heidelberg, but I’ve definitely seen that guy in Rotterdam… :wink:


I’m pinned right where I belong, on the second largest wine casket in the world :stuck_out_tongue:
But if I set pins everywhere I go this map will be cluttered with toilet sheep pins.


And in the EU subject to GDPR