Worldwide map of V backers


On the map there are currently 2 groups: one with (hyper) early birds (indiegogo), they have the V logo. The second group (community members) don’t have the logo, so I think it should be alright :slight_smile:
@Niloc thanks :slight_smile:


But transparent is much bester just saying gj


Wow this is so awesome! You guys really have a great idea here. We will make sure it add it to our website in one way or another once we have more data in it!



Great idea!
Stupid as I am, I had some difficulties putting myself on a map. Until realized that I must click the EDIT button first :yum:

Note to myself:

  1. Access the map while logged in to your google account
  2. Click EDIT on a left
  3. Select your pin from the list on the left side
  4. Click on the “style” icon (to the left of the edit icon, or to the right of your name if your hovered over it in the list)
  5. Select the “more icons” option at the bottom
  6. Select “custom icons” in the bottom left of the popup
  7. Choose a method to import any image (by upload, url, google drive, etc)

**Note: You may see the ‘bloody triangle’ image under other icons in step 3, in which case you could skip the other steps.

There isn’t any SAVE button, so it saves automatically?


@Esko_Reino It saves automatically aye.


I am amused to see that some live in the middle of a lake etc. :wink: The idea however is great!

But I also had to find out that my pin (after changing the logo) moved to a different spot, so I had to relocate it. People also have to be aware that they don’t accidentally move pins of others I figured.

I’m all for standardization… e.g. different logos should be defined whether someone is a HEB, EB, or will only order once the webshop opens, I think this would help a lot considering timing (when one could show off a V).


They live on a houseboat. And Why Not?


You did see the :wink: I assume?
I’m not saying it is impossible, nor implying it is incorrect. I just pictured myself living in the middle of Lake Michigan, and thought that was amusing because for me it would be way too far away from people…


It seems like this isn’t easy to switch your icon, so everyone has the V logo and there are 4 users with “community member”. That seems disproportionate, is there an easier way to swap the logos? I couldn’t do it in mobile, might have to fix mine on desktop. Can you set default to community member and then HEB have to make the Change?


Thanks OP for creating the map. This is rad.
Am I the only backer in Oregon? :sob:


Maybe, or some don’t want to disclose themselves. I’m in Oregon frequently if that brightens your mood :wink:


@dibadibadu great idea! Added myself. Go East Coast!!! Patriots FTW :joy: :joy: :joy:


hold on it was my idea! :wink:

not that it really matters - it’s just cool to see it take off!


Well. I just reminded myself that I do indeed live in the middle of nowhere :roll_eyes:


I was wondering when the northeast coast was going to show. Nice to see you!


I like going back to Oregon - love Oregon Coast and Bend areas.


It seems the thread has changed from ‘a map of community members that will let you look at their V so you can see it in real life before ordering one’ to ‘a map of community members’. I’ll change the topic title to reflect that…


indonesia not in map :frowning:
Please Add cz i’m from indonesia :smiley:


Indonesia (the country) is showing on the map.
But you have to create your own user pin (as nobody else knows where exactly it should be). To do so, just click on the little pin symbol and place it where you are located:


I believe the map was switched to separate out backers and community members, all existing pins went into the backers category (which is setup so that all pins will have the same icon, in this case the transparent bloody triangle). As I’m not a backer :disappointed: I moved mine, but I couldn’t find any easy way to do it so I just deleted and recreated under community member (which does allow for individually customizing pins).