Worldwide map of V backers


I’m Yellow now! Green and gold baby!


Oh, didn`t got it right. Deleted my mark. Sorry. Just waiting for web store to get one


I agree that it would be good to have a way to distinguish Indiegogo backers. I put my backer group (Early Bird) and marked it with the star. And turned it gold. Having an organized way to denote backers and members would be helpful.

When I looked at changing the icon I noticed that one can upload a custom icon. Would it be possible for one of the artistic members of the community to create a custom icon that backers can download and set as their custom icon? Perhaps the V upside down pyramid logo (bloody V, white V?)

Edit: OK, so I just uploaded the first image @Konstantinos had uploaded in the Community Art thread. It becomes a rectangular icon with the red spray-paint (bloody) triangle V logo. Check it out in Tennessee, USA if you want to see it. What if we used something like that as a way to say “I’m a backer”?


I see you are a round yellow star for me in the Card.
… Nashville a great Country Music City. :wink:

Edit: Now you are a bloody triangle V logo.
I am in.


Weird. Here’s what it shows on my screen. Maybe the custom icon doesn’t show anything to others but just to me.

Edit: Oh, good, it is showing up. Glad to know! :slight_smile:


Now you are a bloody triangle V logo.
I had to look for something until I found for me the bloody logo …


Why did I know that the little paw belongs to them? :wolf: :grinning:


I see you with the logo… And a few others as well. Nice!


This picture (avoids people trawling threads looking for it)

Edit: I can’t figure out how to get it on a pin though.

  1. Access the map while logged in to your google account
  2. Select your pin from the list on the left side
  3. Click on the “style” icon (to the left of the edit icon, or to the right of your name if your hovered over it in the list)
  1. Select the “more icons” option at the bottom
  2. Select “custom icons” in the bottom left of the popup
  3. Choose a method to import any image (by upload, url, google drive, etc)

**Note: You may see the ‘bloody triangle’ image under other icons in step 3, in which case you could skip the other steps


Hiya from Singapore. 20char


Hello. I just placed my pin in the google maps. I would love to try it out and I hope it can handle some of the software I need for work.


I like it. I don’t mind showing people my stuff. If people want to see it, I must have some good stuff :relieved:lol.


I’ve corrected the first sentences of this thread to have a standard:


I will ping @Helios about having this topic in the next digest :wink: If he was not thinking about that already :smiley:


Maybe community members could still tag them, but not with the logo but instead just with the normal tag? Or would that be confusing? It’s also possible to make a new layer, in this case we can have a layer with all the V’s and one with the people who are waiting for it.


I was a bit overwhelmed by the speed this is rising up. Maybe we can correct the map to a standard before the first V’s are shipped. Best will be that the pinned members change their icon to a specific style (which should be decided) if they have their V at home. (this will be a great picture seeing all the V’s getting spread all over the world)… …edit: already done… thx


I made the V-Logo/Icon/Pin transparent, so it doesn’t conceal half of the map… hope you guys agree, if not, change it back with one click :slight_smile:


The v Logo was for the indigogo backers and notfor all thats not Good now :confused:


It’s more become a map of users… But I guess if non-backers don’t want it to be transparent where the backers are then it’s on them?

Edit: @cmmd_mx it looks infinitely better :slight_smile: