Worldwide map of V backers


Added my point (: woo lol


Wow. It`s my first message and my point is first on Russia


Done… I’m on there. Great idea!


i am the first marked pined from my country india . :hugs:


Added mine as well…


add this link , its description and in title in your first post so more user will know about this map and this way user will share their info if they want to. also put note in description that people don’t share their precise location. and please add their eve community name too



It’s a great idea.
Can you insert this into next digest comunity?


@daniel.h yupp, I changed it. Hope I got the right one :wink:


I’ve added my spot on the map. Fun to see folks that are in my vicinity. Great idea!


Added my spot on the map too! Seems no one else from my country got this yet.


Confirm :blush: (20 characters)


I’ve stuck a pin in the park near where I live.


Aded ! 20 char…


pin added at my local 7-11! :slight_smile:


Added mine. First in Wisconsin! Go Pack Go!


Be careful u can move The Markers of other People :confused:

But luckily there is a reverse Button :smiley:

Added mine too


remember guys -

only include yourself if you are an Indiegogo backer

We are tracking V’s not community members.

edit - or maybe we are. What do I know? lol

it would however make sense to indicate who is an actual V backer. like can we give them different icons/pins?


Can you change the color of your pin. I’m a member and waiting on the store to open. Would have supported it but really holding out for 1TB storage.


Also, there are a number of people who a er just “point 27” and no name attached - or the name attached in the notes. It would be cool to see actual names when you click the pin.


how about V backers use the star icon?

I tried it out - what do you guys think?