Worldwide map of V backers


This is a cheap V checkup-possibility for people who want to buy a V. We ask the backers to publish their contact information and their adress to build a worldwide map where V’s could be tested. We don’t need the big electronic retailers for a hands-on.

If you are a indiegogo backer of the V and you want to show your V to potential new buyers, pin your home or your hometown with your community nickname and your backer status (hyper early bird/ early bird/ limited bird…) into the map. People living next to you who are interested in a hands-on should contact you per pm.

There you go:

Hello from Switzerland
Where's Everyone From?
Where's Everyone From?

… wherever feasible/wanted :wink:

Some backers might not want to share their address for this (or even their location in detail) or want others to play around with their purchased product - which is totally fine from my perspective.

But I’m sure we can get a good start by the location details in the user profiles here in the community (if these were filled) and maybe a separate thread on that once the shipping dates are final (to list people that commit to host hands-on sessions in their town, e.g. in a restaurant).


or we could do one of those google maps where you drop a pin near where you live. I think you can also write notes in your pin. (like pm me if you want to see one in person!)


This would look evesome. A map with all the V’s spread all over the world…


Which would be quite easy with MyMaps from Google. I made that once for another community and it works like a charm.
There you go:
Just add another mark to the point where you’re living and write your username. Done :wink:


Why do I have to mark myself?
Google knows where I live and where I am at any given time.


@team : Could this be made officialy? It should be reachable for new members quickly and not anywhere in any thread about switzerland…


I’ve moved this into its own thread. Feel free to discuss!


Thank you for doing this! This is going to be SOOO cool to see as it fills out (please fill out, please :smiley:).


Added mine. (20 letters)


Added mine too (20 chars)


Added mine …


I’m on there :slight_smile:


Done. No surprise-visits pls …


On there.

I second the motion


I would suggest not directly pinning your house but maybe the town center or the next big town or similar :slight_smile:


As I’m using my real name - it does not matter - easy to google …


Added mine !!!
Well on a store’s parking near to my home :wink: And Just with my name on this community so if someone need to contact me it will be by this forum only first :yum: I’m a private person :sunglasses: even if Google knows almost everything about me :fearful:


Cool, thanks! I added myself… or well, the city I live in anyway.


Point 3 is me… don’t know why it didn’t saved the username…

@toby if you can modify it it would be great :slight_smile: