Winner of the prototype testing!


Hi dear community!

Sorry for the slight delay in announcing the winners, I coded a dedicated program to fairly raffle our winners! :wink:

Since you’re all likely more interested in the results than how we raffled, let me announce the lucky 24 people first:
@lifeblogv3 @rathed

@s.auler @Ctcote @razaknk

@Wallace_Bertholdi_de @Aidan_Demers

@Tamara @ChefHn

@CheesyFeet @Tihomir_Dragas @larseisberg

@huibie @smpark @Martin

@zwehn @iglobal @reffyy

@TheBetaBox @osamagotji @janko.bajagic

@henning @mamase @Tirigon

Please, all winners contact me ( @iKirin ) via PM & let me know your shipping address!
If I don’t recieve a PM within 72 hours, we will give another person the chance to test a prototype!

(The interesting part is done now, the rest is just some background information since we want to give you a fair info of how these results came to be)

And now, let’s get a bit more into the numbers - because you might wonder how some things affected the results! And why we even wanted you to give statements what you do!

After deciding the categories, locking down the poll (and filtering out doubles which took quite a while) we looked at the amount of prototypes we could send out (20 in 2 waves) and realized we can send 24 to you - 3 less than we wanted since we wanted to send a prototype to 3 persons that crossed off a specific category (like eGPU).
Since we wanted to be fair we rolled the dice which categories got fewer people - in the end the categories where we only took 2 people were: eGPU, 3D work and video editing.
Fast forward 2 hours and a program was written in Java that randomly chooses people out of each category. As I wanted to have a “substitute” that can hop in in a category if someone does not reply within 72 hours, I raffled one extra person in each category.
Well, this turned out to be a very good idea as from the 24 raffled people 8 (!) did not put in a “community username” or email that was connected to an account to the community!
After raffling some more people in the categories that were lacking (namely video editing & people that want to test Linux) & checking that there were not doubles in each category (there actually was in the Linux category - @Wallace_Bertholdi_de the luck was on your side! :wink: ) I wrote up this post with the results! :slight_smile:

So, congratulations dear winners!

I’ll follow up with further informations soon™!

Sound programs?

Honestly wasn’t expecting so many to be send out. To the lucky ones, enjoy them, post reviews and give plenty of feedback for all of us to have a great device once it’s final :slight_smile:


congrats to all the lucky prototypers, have fun with the super-early units and please do give the rest of us lots of photos and videos of the product :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the lucky ones, at least it helps to ease the pain knowing that the rest of us will get to enjoy the final and polished device when we get our Vs in a month!


Congrats to all the winners :slight_smile:

Happy testing…

Can’t wait for the reviews and tests and my own (final) V :smile:

So much things I want to test myself :yum:


Wohoo :smiley:

If we are allowed, I will do!


Kinda disappointed but it’s ok.


NOOOOOOOO!!! :wink: Have fun with the V’s you guys! :smile: Someone make sure to test out Photoshop for me! Wondering about that on the internal gpu… Waiting with anticipation for the reviews!!!


Wait a second. . .

If you’re sending out 24 devices out, stop me if I’m incorrect, then THATS ONLY THE FIRST WAVE!!! @iKirin Is there going to be a second wave of devices to others in the community, or are you sending out different devices to each of the 24 chosen to make sure that the bad experience they could find is just on a faulty prototype… That’s what this is all about after all!

Did that quote catch anyone else as being “interesting” at all???


I’m afraid I have to stop you there :wink:
There is a slight possibility, but I think they would have told us already. And since 24 is already more than 20, plus we have competition winners, so I guess the others 16 were already reserved.


Congrats to the winners! I would really have wanted to test the V some, but now I’m looking forward to hear all about your experience with it :grinning:

And awesome idea from the Eve team to let the community test the devices before they are 100% finished. This will make sure a lot of real life scenarios get properly tested now instead of later when it’s might be too late to fix things.

I haven’t preordered a V, but I’m convinced I won’t be able to resist after reading your reviews and opinions. I just have to find the money somehow… :grin::sweat_smile:


Sorry, I think I made it not clear what I meant: We have 20 prototypes we can send out. Every prototype will go to 1 person in “Round 1” and to 1 other person in “Round 2”. This makes basically 40 people being able to test it.

The winners of the challenges (@pauliunas, @garry, @tiktoktoyatoya ) will keep their prototype for both of the rounds. So that’s basically then only 34 different people that can test the rest, right? We however also asked our insiders if they wanted to test a prototype & let them have a shot at it, as those people help us with refining some rough ideas or come up with great ideas! And this is one of our ways of saying thanks to them.
That left us with 24 different people we could send out the prototypes to! :slight_smile:

Hope I could clarify it properly :wink:


Congrats to the winners! Do the community the favor and post pictures/videos (if you are allowed to) please :slight_smile:


Interesting re randomisation as approx half the names are people who have joined the community in the past month…

What was the % of testers who have bought/reserved either a hyper or later bird?


Congrats to the winners !!! And now, make a good job to offer everybody the best V possible !!


Congratulations to winners!


Wow :grinning: Can’t believe I am going to be able to test the V!


@iKirin any chance we can see what category the testers fall into? I, for one, want to chat with the artists of the group - those who will be doing 3d, photoshop, pen testing, CAD, etc. :slight_smile:


I am not crying, just sweating through my eyes. Congrats winners!


Hi Peter (@iKirin), can you please contact me in order to provide address details.