Windows Update installed and now cant Boot

I got a Windows End Of Service popup today. So I went ahead and updated, I was following progress for quite awhile. Then I went to do something else and when I came back everything was dead. I tried to boot it up but nothing happens (other than the keyboard leds ligting up). Has anyone dealt with this?

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Could be any of a number of things, including but not limited to your video card acting silly / dying out, or the monitor on your device.

These are pretty easy checks, but do require additional hardware to test with. TO check if it is the monitor, on a laptop, attach and external monitor / TV and see if you can see anything on it. For a desktop try using a different cable and if still no go try another monitor.

Now, I know, not everyone has spare monitors lying around - but absent of you getting someone to physically look at the machine, there is no way for me to say absolutely one way or another that it was or was not the update itself that caused the problem. And even if other people here (or anywhere) want to say, without actually looking at your system, that it definitely is one thing causing your issue, they only have a 50% chance of being right.

So, to start with, a bit more information would help - type of machine (laptop / desktop), OS that you were running (you did say Windows, and I can assume it’s 10, but any idea which version (1909, 20H1, 20H2, or direct version number) that you were running?), any system backups you may have made that can be used, and most importantly, what sort of spare hardware can you get access to on short notice to test various components out?


Thanks for responding nkyadav, I figured it out, and it was truly a DUH moment for me. I was sitting on the throne this morning (that’s where I get my best ideas from:-) and I thought “I wonder if the battery died?”. So I plugged it in and it started right up and finished the install, now let me crawl away and hide :pensive:


That’s the best epic fail I’ve read in a long time. I applaud you my good Sir!

I’m happy you got your issue resolved. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions.


Dude, seriously - that’s probably the best news you could give yourself. Nothing is actually wrong, and you got it figured out.

I’d chalk that up in the W column ANY day.