Windows settings vs. Nvidia control panel for Spectrum

I have questions regarding the settings:

  1. What is better to use as settings app: Windows settings or Nvidia settings app - or does it matter anyway? And has someone found a good setting in Nvidia - should the gsync be on…

  2. As DP cables ordered did not arrive I use a rather old DP cable. The monitor with that cable has problems in waking up from standby. Is there any specific setting I can use to ensure the monitor wakes up.

BTW: I have a GTX2060 and it seems that the 4K 144 is quite a burden for that card… even without playing games…-


Hey, @kaum!

It does not matter for most use cases. However, if you’d like to have fine control over the color depth and color format, Nvidia Control Panel offers more advanced customization options.

Spectrum ES07D03 has been tested to wake up as expected. If you’d like us to help you troubleshoot your specific setup, please get in touch with our support team. They will collect detailed device information from you to resolve the issue if it persists after a standard troubleshooting procedure.