Windows Media Player 12 - unable to play network stream?


Are you unable to find a codecs package out of box for windows media player 12 factory installed on windows 10 pro x64 on Eve V for play network stream like me ?

Actually fail to open network stream with Windows Media Player 12 (win10) report error:

“Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.”

Anyway, I can play network stream with windows media player 12 on windows 7 32bit successfully.
But don’t remember is factory functional or added codec ?

Where a can find safety solution for have the codec for watching TV channel from network stream codecs h.264/h.265.

I can watch legal free tv stream from my internet service provider Swisscom at Switzerland.
example: rtp://

vlc 2.2.8 and 3.0 can play network stream SD/HD/UHD without any issue on both (win7 and win10)

Standard quality Swisscom compression 3.5M bit/s RTS un
High Definition quality Swisscom compression 7.5 Mbit/s RTS un HD
UltraHD quality Swisscom compression 18 Mbit/s Ultra Nature UHD

Any help solution from would be welcome.


Get this Codec pack and install it …

Try Again with windows media player, if the problem persists for some of the video format (NOT ALL OF THEM), then install GOM Player (or any other video player) and see if works.

CAUTION: May not be in your case, however some of the video downloaded from torrents and illegal sites, uses malicious codecs to hijack your device data. The file will look like a video file, but will not play and direct you to some subscription site or silently steal information on the background.


I used to download klite codec pack but for the past few years I’ve been using VLC. The way I understand it, it has codecs built-in, I have yet to encounter a media file it couldn’t play


VLC, i have abondened it long ago, does not play some of recents codecs.


For VLC, try new version 3.0 - it should support again all codecs.


I have yet to come across a file that VLC won’t play. The default interface is a bit tiny on the V’s high-resolution display, but there is a UWP version of VLC in the Windows Store that has a more touch-optimized interface (and apparently uses less power too, so good for battery life!)


Long Story Short: Windows Media Player is (usually) to toss away and VLC / MPC is to be preferred with my Go-To Recommendation being VLC for it being super nice to install & use.
Then again, MPC has very nice support for codecs & is super scaleable with custom video renderer (madVR) and engines for subtitles and other fancy stuff that can deliver over VLC if you can spot the differences. (In a group of multiple people over a beamer we could hardly do that btw :D)


i second this.

i remember when i had troubles trying to find the right codec and program for the porn i downloaded, but that all went away when i found vlc.

vlc: see all the boobies ©