Windows licence activation failure


Just wondering if anyone else hit this.

  1. Received brand new Eve V - fantastic
  2. Updated to latest Windows security updates after logging in as my MS account, including the large updates (this was the only thing I did, I haven’t messed with whatever licences were pre-installed)
  3. Windows says it isn’t activated (I only spotted this because I tried to personalise the task bar and it said I couldn’t because Windows needed activating
  4. I don’t know whether the licence was activated and valid when I got it before I updated, but it’s definitely not working now
  5. Tried the usual “click here to troubleshoot” which failed and tried a few more times, which repeatedly failed as well (so no simple fix)

I believe this is the root cause: (at least this is the only thing I can find that’s relevant)

Running the command line tools (slmgr), I get:


Activating Windows®, Core edition (8db63db6-4f8f-46d6-a448-66444faaaa72) …
Error: 0xC004C008 The activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used

Installed Key

Activating Windows®, Core edition (8db63db6-4f8f-46d6-a448-66444faaaa72) …
Error: 0xC004C003 The activation server determined the specified product key is blocked

I then contacted MS support to try and unblock it and was told they can’t do anything about product keys from OEMs and I needed to contact Eve V, which I have done, but support is really slow at the moment.

Has anyone else hit this or managed to fix this without going through support? I have plenty of my own licence keys I could use, but out of principle I would like to use the one that came with it :slight_smile:


It seems that the Installed key, the key that you are using right now, is a generic key. It is common for OEM laptops to be installed with generic key, and Windows should detect the OEM key (embedded to the BIOS) on the first boot on a clean install.

Just in case, try reading the embedded key with this app, check on “MSDM key”, then just try entering the product key using the Settings app instead of SLMGR. I had most luck that way.


Thanks, but I already tried both with SLMGR for both keys and using the Settings app. Both give the same error codes :frowning:


I had the same problem with you! I have reported to the support team and they are working for it. But unfortunately, they have an extremely slow procedure. I received my V in early March but my problem has not been resolved yet. The admin and support seldom reply to your inquiries and complaints. I am very frustrated and disappointed right now. Hope admin @Helios or @Xinjie or anyone from the team could realize the problem.

But anyway, I think you should try to approach the support team first.