Windows installation, restore partition and DVD


Lets just say games aren’t the only thing that’s dependent on the graphics driver. Even Windows UX itself will instead use CPU acceleration when a GPU is not available, and that makes everything choppy, uses too much battery, gets warm, etc.

Not to mention some features like HDMI audio are not available, and that may become a problem if you have a docking station.

Either way, I think we should have a recovery partition of some sort by default. The reasoning is just like the F-keys discussion: People who dont need the recovery partition know how to remove them and the exact implication of doing so, but people who do need the recovery partition are probably less tech-knowledgeable, and may sooner or later come into a point where s/he needs the recovery partition. I mean, making a recovery partition image takes one day max anyway.

PS: There are many ways to install a game without an internet connection, depending on the game itself, but I dont want to turn this discussion into off topic


That’s exactly my point.

I do think that if Eve does not provide such kind of easy L1 solution for those « less tech-knowledgable » people, it will mechanically increase the load and the support service.
We can’t expect each user to proceed with his/her neighbor every times he needs it :wink:


But a GPU is availableand the default driver is 100% enough for WDM.


This is a good point. Now that I think that way, I wouldn’t really mind it because it’s easy to remove.


Soooooo… if we have a consensus/understanding of the purpose, may we ask @Konstantinos what are the actual plans on this topic?(and how it is processed on the current HEB)?


As @iKirin already said, as far as we know there will not be a recovery partition on the V. That said, we will double-check and get back to you

Keep in mind that Konstantinos is a busy man, and currently locked behind the Great Firewall so he won’t always be able to check up on the forums or reply. Best way to get official answers is always by pinging @Team!



I know and appreciated his feedback in a previous post :slight_smile:
This being said, « as far as I know » basically means « I believe » or « I think » to me. As such I do not take this as a hard confirmation. Then after I am not a native speaker :wink:

I have my own experience on the topic and this is well understood.
Nevertheless since he is the closest one to the already produced devices, I thought he would be the best place for an answer… but either trinity (mike/konsta/riku or iKirin/nawthor/Helios) is fine of course :wink:


Sounds about right to me. I am a native English speaker and that is exactly how I interpret that phrase.


That’s exactly how it was intended.

It’s also why the very next sentence was “That said, we will double-check and get back to you”


Update: Konstantinos also thinks there isn’t a recovery partition. So now he’ll double-check and get back to us :slight_smile:


Another update: Konsta double-checked, and the V has a 1GB recovery partition.