Windows installation, restore partition and DVD


I meant making it downloadable. Just like you would do with the ISO. As for resetting Windows, it needs a recovery partition. But instead of doing that, you can provide an executable that “fixes” everything afterwards :slight_smile:


Factory Reset and then download a driver package is not something that people are accustomed to. Even worse if, say, the touchscreen or internet don’t work with the drivers included in vanilla Windows.

For the regular people, the ISO recovery can be done once by, say, a tech savvy family member or friend, and then they could do the regular factory reset within Windows afterwards, assuming they don’t fuckup the recovery partition. With the driver package, you may need that tech savvy family member or friend everytime you perform a factory reset.

It is certainly nice, and I would like to have that option. However people might not be aware of that. They don’t even know the website of Eve, and if the T1 is any indication of the V, the download/support page doesn’t even exist on the website once they found it. Making the recovery partition function properly would prevent a lot of user complaints.


Well, you can first download the driver pack and then hard reset :slight_smile:
OK I understand that recovery partition is a good thing, and I agree with it. But… we’re talking about cases where the recovery partition is broken or gone… In such case, wouldn’t it be better to just use regular installation and then install the drivers? It would surely be easier to implement…


I agree. As long as we can download the ISO, which we can directly from Microsoft, then we should be okay. I’m assuming that eve will create a section where we can download the drivers from. Also it would be nice for eve to push out driver updates like other manufacturers to keep them up-to-date. I guess some wouldn’t like the auto update of drivers…


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Sorry to revive this post, but it was never answered.
Now that we are entering the final sprint for the Vs, I really like to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Will there be a restore partition on the Drive?

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PS : the possibility to use microsoft online is fine and understood, but this is not my question.


@Team? I think this deserves to be answered :slight_smile:


Usually what I do with my Windows ISOs is that I “slip-stream” them with the latest drivers and basic software that I usually install right after a fresh Windows installation. That way in the long run it’ll take less time when doing a reinstallation.


Hi @Team,

Any feedback on this item?

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Just of note, I installed Win 10 and it was a simple installation but it included what I assumed was considered ‘bloatware.’

When you visit the Msft win10 download page, are there not various ‘versions?’ If that is the case, can we ensure we link somehow to the bloatfree version of Win 10 - the same that will be installed on the V?


There are 3 versions: Home, Pro and Enterprise. They all include the same bloatware, but that’s just some Windows Store apps. They can be uninstalled very easily.
If you’re wondering, you will receive either Home or Pro, depending on whether you paid the $50 extra for Pro.


So will Eve have access to a slimmed down version of home and pro for loading?


No. What exactly would you “slim down”?


Well based on what everyone was discussing about having a bloatware free Win10 installation I assume it’d be just that. Hw drivers only related to the V, no extra apps from msft, things like Plex (which I got) and Xbox stuff, no Minecraft. Etc.


Microsoft wouldn’t allow them to sell it that way, most likely.

To be clear, Minecraft et al aren’t installed - they’re shortcuts which initiate an install once clicked. I don’t know if that makes any difference to you.

(I will say that I personally find the “Get Office” app extremely annoying. I have Office! Go away.)


Oh cool. Interesting info there. Cheers


These days, if installing, ALWAYS go with USB media, but make sure it’s one that’s actually fast. There’s a VAST DIFFERENCE between a USB stick picked up at a gas station, and an actually fast one.

To see if what you’re using is good or bad, try this site:

That’s merely the first google result, there may be others, but regardless, some “bargain bin” ones can just be an exercise in frustration. I have a kingston stick from more than a year ago that still does everything I need it to, but compared to a bargain bin “new” one, it still just destroys it in terms of transfer speeds (read & write). So make sure you’re using the right one for big stuff like OS installs.


And what do you define as “extra”? FYI, Windows Explorer is an “app from msft”, Windows Desktop Manager is an “app from msft”, and pretty much everything that isn’t the kernel is an “app from msft”.
Also, those Windows Store apps (Minecraft, Candy Crush, etc.) are not actually pre-installed. You just have to unpin them from your start menu if you don’t like them. If you try to click them, you will see it only then begins to download an install them.

Gas stations don’t sell USB sticks over here, but I’ve installed Windows 10 from a USB stick that literally costs less than $5 (sale price, but it’s still the cheapest thing you can get even without sales). It took way too long to copy the files into the USB stick, but during the installation itself, it was hardly noticeable. I still installed it in less than 1h, just like I always do on this tablet PC.

It’s not that big. The 64bit image is about 4.5GB (fits in a DVD). Nowadays, that is in no way “big stuff”.

You make it sound like it’s old… but it’s actually brand new, lol… I use sticks that are 5 years old or more, seriously, these things never get old unless you physically break them.


I don’t think using fast media is that important. I honestly wouldn’t mind much if installing Windows takes a few minutes longer than it has to, it’s not like you do it twice a day. Sure, it’s better and faster but I"m not going to buy a super fast new usb stick for that reason :stuck_out_tongue:

To back this up: For quite an important presentation some time ago (I’m really not talking about decades or something) I used a 256 Megabyte USB thumbstick that is actually bigger than my thumb :stuck_out_tongue:
It was the first USB stick I found flying around. Also at that size it’s harder to lose :smiley:


I was cleaning out my desk drawers last year and found a 16MB stick from I’m not sure when that had “migrated” to the back of the drawer. Tossed without a thought. Too old!