Windows 10 reset - starting from zero


Hey guys,

I’m running into some major issues with Windows. When I started it the other day, I landed on the “Couldn’t start Windows Repair blue screen”. Tried all the things suggested on Win and Forums, and ended up having to reset (while keeping files). I can now turn it on to the desktop screen, but I don’t have access/ can’t open the essentials: control panel, settings, start menu, etc.

I kinda want to reset my V completely with the Windows tool, but I have no idea what to expect.

  • Has anyone done it? Is there any problem with the preinstalled software? (SpectralCal, RealTek, etc)
  • How do I/Should I create bootable drive?
  • How do I access the Reset mode if I can’t open Start Menu, Settings, or Control Panel?
  • Anything i need to know/ Reasons I shouldn’t do it?



Had the same issue after doing a reset and I found a solution. On Microsoft’s official website, go to the page where you can download the tool to prepare the bootable drive to install Windows 10. I don’t think they’ll let me post the link here, but it’s usually the first result on google when you search “Windows 10 download”

Open the software, follow the instructions to download and install everything on a USB key. When everything is done, go check the files on your USB key and click on setup exe. From there, follow the instructions carefully to install the updates and not reinstall Windows.

It should take a while for everything to be done and your Windows 10 will be good as new with SpectralCal and your drivers.


Thank you so much ! No issues so far after the reboot ?


Two weeks and a half in and no issues to report.


Just ask support to give you the EVE stock image so you dont need to worry about drivers etc mess


I’ve used the windows fresh start feature (more drastic version of reset) on a couple new machines recently. It pretty much removes all manufacturer pre-installed software, you’re only left with the Windows 10 games/app that microsoft installs from the store (easy to uninstall).

Any critical drivers or support programs have been downloaded the first time I’ve run windows update after doing the reset.

I don’t really see the benefit of creating a bootable jump drive since you don’t have to, but certainly won’t hurt. If you suspect there’s a problem with your hard drive it would be good to create one so that you can run windows from it for testing purposes.

Can you access Windows Defender? That’s where the link to Fresh Start your PC (will not back up your files) is.

Windows Defender Security Center => Device and Performance Health => Fresh Start (Additional Info) => Get Started


I reset my Windows due to a non-bug how I later realized, but I had no issues with the reset (including removing all my files) and CalMan (I think).
Why “I think”? Because now both profiles in CalMan are the same. The data is still in the folder and putting my previously saved data in the folder doesn’t change anything as well. Judging with the naked eye the screen is still calibrated, but I can’t tell for sure since I have no objective hardware to test the calibration. I can just tell you that CalMan stayed on my V even with a reset that included removing my files. I’d still back up the data just in case.


Yep Calman doesn’t “work” anymore after a reset. The both profiles don’t change the screen colors so not sure if its calibrated or non-calibrated


The support gave me the link to the version they installed in factory but when I boot with my USB key I have this screen :frowning:


Seems your boot order is wrong


You were right USB was first, uefi was second and hard drive fifth.
Do you guys have any idea why it would not reboot with the USB key ?


Is the USB created by supports instructions?


Yes, I formatted it to NTFS, called it WINPE
I’ve unpacked the zip file on the USB key


I think the files needed to be in root of the drive not on its folder


It worked hallelujah!
Thank you so much for the help really !! :slight_smile:


Hi, I made the mistake of reinstalling my pc using the >troubleshoot>reinstall>windows partition>clean partition (informal translation as my windows is in Dutch). Seemed to wrk fine bit after reinstall I can not access ‘settings’ (Edge stops after a secondàcant create a new user account,) and can not download windows some point just after the reinstall i think i briegly saw a message like ‘your organisation has limiyed your acces’. HELP


Hey every body. Um i recently reinstalled windows from scratch and i don’t know where to find the colour calibration profile?


Went you supposed to back up that file before you reset? I believe if I’m not mistaken, that it says somewhere in the documentation that if you don’t back up, it will be lost forever.


If you didn’t back it up before the reset it’s gone as described in the FAQ.

Eve does however provide a universal profile. Download link is at the bottom of this post.