Windows 10 October Update Safe to install?


Hi guys, is it safe to install the October Update now? What does Eve say to this?

Because i can’t find a definite yes or no in the community… I only remember reading something back when it was released that i really shouldn’t install it or otherwise my V would stop working…

Thanks for the clarification :v::grinning:


As far as I know it should not stop your V from working. Let’s wait for someone else to answer tho.


It works on my V from day one.


Same here, no issues with it since day one. (Your mileage may vary? It’s Windows after all…)


I installed the October Update last month and I haven’t noticed any problems with my V.

There are occasional (Windows) glitches, but they have all disappeared with the common Windows cure: Restart (both before and after installation of October Update).


As a post by Boistordu explains: It depends on the individual settings of a computer.


I’m running on the new version for about 2 weeks now, no issues so far.


I’ve been using v1809 since day 1 of GA and haven’t had any issues I’m pleased to say. Having said that - it’s always wise to do a full image backup before such a major update.


Can also confirm that it is running without any Problems


I can also confirm I am having no issues after the update


Just installed update last night. No issues with it this morning. Booted fine. Will update if I notice anything strange.


Hello, same as everyone here, installed from day one and no problem at all.


Same here, installed everything new and test for a while, no prob at least now
Will get back if anything weired :laughing: