Windows 10 April 2018 Update


just part of the V experience bruh. the excitement just never lets up!


Don’t believe so. I have the very basic model.

After having it on working this morning, it has now gone black again after I turned my back for a minute not using it.

Used the power button to switch it on or off. No idea if it’s one or the other because absolute no sound coming from it. I was just about to back up and reset. Typical



Update. I now know it’s booted and on but seems like I’m left with permanent black screen.


Now back to black screen and no boot up sound. Keyboard was flashing weirdly. Was working earlier today but i shut it down now it feels permanently shut down.


Is the screen completely off or does the backlight turn on but show only black?


Noooooo :nauseated_face::mask::dizzy_face:


When booting up does it show the bootscreen? (The ‘made by them us’ logo?)

Do you have anything connected? Updated to 1803?


Managed to get it switched on this morning and uninstalled the 1803 update. I think it should be back to normal now.

There was no real indicator of when the screen might pop back into life. I’d swipe the touch screen now and again and the majority of the time it had no affect. I’ll be steering clear of any windows updates until firmly tested next time.


Is a disaster now for me as my ssd cannot be detected anymore after my whole window crash. Tried to restore using factory image but also failed.


I installed yesterday Windows 10 April 2018 Update. After rebooting I cant log in windows anymore. The booting procedure stops just after the logo appears. How can I do?


It happened to me!


Thats a bullshit.
I updated yesterday and and this update was installed automstically. Now I’m fucked (a

nd… sad)


And I’m back to not being able to switch on, boot up. Might be the final straw for me.


Hmmm, that doesn’t look very pretty . . . .

There are several post in this topic warning about the W10 1803 update :anguished::anguished:


Short term solution is to type exit and press enter. Long term solution is to enter bios/uefi and reset it.


Exactly my problem too,

I have submitted a warranty repair request. The asked for a VIDEO to show it doesn’t turn on. Really!!? with all the reports on the web and this forum they should have a good idea what’s going on without asking for a VIDEO!

Microsoft screws up and everyone knows it, but Eve-tech support.


They have to assess your issue before they come up with solution, I think not all having the same problem as your ssd could be in readable state.


I installed the update a while ago. Now I am a bit worried. I have mainly two questions:
Is it save to not reboot the device?
Is it wise to revert to Win 10 1709?


This will be your best bet! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: