Will the Eve V still be relevant when the sales open?


I don’t know a lot about laptops and the newest flagships etc. What I am interested in is will the Eve V still be relevant and not outdated compared to other new devices once they open up for sales? I wasn’t lucky enough to get on any of the early stuff, and now I see I can only expect to be able to purchase in December or 2018.

I hope some of you will help me regarding the decision to wait for it - Or purchase something else at that time.

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My uneducated thoughts on this: Definatly still relevant.

I’ve not seen another device yet that is made to OUR wishes. The extra battery life for a tiny bit of extra width, the next gen screen that has been added, the extra speaker power, the bluetooth detachable keyboard, etc etc etc. All choices we have made, that I have not found in any comparable device.

I’ve browsed through the announced coffeelake laptops and 2 in 1’s shortly, none of them offered a combination of features that to me seemed more attractive than the V. This last bit of course is personal.

Is it still relevant? Yes. Is it still relevant to everyone? Probably not. A laptop / 2 in 1 choice is very personal.


To be honest I never bought a top of the line laptop / 2in1 without seeing an advertisement of some better equipment coming soon afterwards.
After the initial “I should have waited more” one settles down with the product he bought and normally finds his laptop / 2in1 quite up to the tasks he bought it for.
And becomes a satisfied user (kind of “it does what I want it to do”). :hugs:


If it turns out similar to the OnePlus One then it will be competitive for at least two years. That may sound unrealistic but I’m basing this off of two things:


The OnePlus One was a great phone that lasted in quality and performance for its first two years. It didn’t show signs of age until after its second year. It had a smooth OS, the best battery life, no boost ware, decent camera for the time, good screen for the time, great build quality, and the bells and whistles (NFC, Bluetooth, and customization from CyanogenMod).

The V is in a similar situation. It has competitive specs in all departments, and near the top in some. Great Battery life (soon to be conformed), great screen, ntrig pen, quad speaker and dac, usb c.

But the key thing is that these two products came out with great prices. That’s what kept them competitive even after they weren’t the newest devices.


Laptops tend to age better than cellphones. And while they don’t retain their value well they still retain their usefulness.
Laptops, well at least decent laptops, tend to be fluid and with few flaws for at least two years. After that they begin to slow and show age but remain usable for at least 2 more years. You can always find uses for old laptops, whether as a YouTube player in the kitchen or server for Minecraft.


Products like the V that come to market with top specs at low prices are naturally better values and in rare cases like the Oneplus One and soon the V they actually have top quality and long device life. Add on to that the benefits of being a laptop, which don’t age as bad as cellphones, you don’t really have to worry about the V becoming obsolete soon or even later down the line.

But then again I’m biased as I have a really old laptop and down really complain that much about my devices but rather live with their problems.


As always that depends very much on your use cases, for me, personally, it’s still the one and only device and nothing else is on me radar that could compete with it.

Because even today the V is the only 2-in-1 that has this combination

  • 16 GB ram and passive cooling, so no fan noise
  • big SSD
  • awesome screen
  • Thunderbolt, USB-C and USB-A
  • very good price
  • wireless keyboard

Others always come with only some of these features, but never with all of them. And that’s why the V ticks all the boxes for me, with nothing else coming up that could compete with it, which is remarkable after the time that has passed.


All true but less so than 6 months ago.



As mentioned above, Oneplus is a good example.
But Eve is a lot better than OnePlus.
I own a Oneplus 3 myself and the problem with Oneplus and cheap smartphones in general is the software.
A smartphone needs constant Updates and Tweaks to the OS, and Oneplus is a little careless with OxygenOS.
My Oneplus 3 gets updates pretty late and the Oneplus 1 and X not at all, I’m not so sure about the Oneplus 2.

My point here is that the Eve V doesn’t depend so much on Software, because Windows 10 and its Updates are not Eves job, the only thing we have to worry about are some drivers, which will mostly come from the different manufacturers.

And the V is so much ahead in price in hardware, that no competitor will offer a comparable device in the near future.

And after having experience with building the V, we ca expect a lot of great stuff in the future from Eve, as long as they don’t do the same thing as Oneplus, ignore the community and abandon their principles.

Which I’m sure they will not :wink: