Will pulling off the screen protector will damage the anti-reflect coating?


For now I use a foam-like paper that is often used for packing… it is thin like paper and feels like foam, but smooth on the outside… need to take a picture…
I do not want to use a screen protector b/c the screen is so nice …


Yes, you can. I removed the screen protector that came with the V and replaced it with an upscreen® Scratch Shield Clear Premium Screen Protector from Protectionfilms24. The provided film was on my V for over 6 months and it didn’t do any damage to the AR coating when I removed it.


Smyler316, I’m curious why did you pull off the screen protector after only 6 months? Do they generally need to changed that often?
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Thanks for the other suggestions folks, I’ll look into them.


The protector that’s included with the V isn’t that great. It got scratched up and eventually became tough to see through clearly. I finally decided to replaced it.


I finally have 2 pics…

EDIT [did I really? :astonished::thinking::pensive: only now see I was typing this in German, now correcting: ]
The bee & flower is one of my desktoppics, one of my not-yet-on-V painted images :blush:


I have a glass one on my SP4 and it works great with the pen, and prevents the scratches from the keyboard, but I think the sp keyboard doesn’t travel as much as the V. I agree that the screen protector that came with the V is not great for removing bubbles, and is pretty reflective, but until my glass one comes in, it will do. The microfiber cloth thing works if you aren’t using the device as a work tool, or aren’t continuously mobile with it. A solution I used for most old style laptops and ultrabooks was a keyboard cover, but I don’t think they make those for the V.