Will pulling off the screen protector will damage the anti-reflect coating?


“As you prepare to receive your device, we just wanted to let you know that we recommend using a screen protector for your V’s screen. While uncommon, we have found that sometimes dust or other foreign matter between the keyboard and the screen can scratch the coating on the screen. Using the protector will keep the coating safe.”

Yep and that’s why glasses seldom have this kind of issue even they are AR coated, they are supported with frames, without any crushes like kb
(The problem will be minimized if is not AR coated


Oh, thanks for clarifying ! The AR coating is applied by default on top of the Gorilla Glass ?

Would putting a protector hurt the quality of the screen ? Like making it more blurry etc.

I guess I will just place a laptop cloth between the screen and the keyboard when I bring the V out…

Weekly Update 01.02

So I understand, the problem is the anti-reflective coating does not work underneath a screen protector. So while as Eve states, the protector “keeps the coating safe”, it will also remove any benefits of having an anti-reflective coating. For that reason, people might want use a different method, like some form of cloth between the keyboard and screen.


Oh, I missed something . . . a screen protector makes the anti-reflective coating useless? :hugs:


I think it does, as the protector itself will be reflective, except it’s matte.


you are joking? sarcasm?


No, just don`t remember having read an user post confirming/ infirming it.:roll_eyes:
Please light my lantern.


Well it makes sense … You have a screen made of glass and put a coating on it to make it less reflective. Then you go ahead and put another sheet of glass without a coating on it. In the end you’re looking at a piece of glass that reflects like any other glass and below that a coated glass which reflects a little less.


I thought that screen protectors are all (independent of there name) made from plastic.:thinking:


Alot of screen protectors are made from glass. Look at phone screen protectors advertising being glass and having hardness 9H for example. The aftermarket ones for the V are made of glass as well if I’m not mistaken. The one that comes in the box is a piece of plastic. It sucks though, bubbles everywhere and ok for touch, but swiping on something is quite weird. And it’s also reflective :smiley:


Do you know any matt glass screen protector for the V ?


There are a few matte ones listed here.
I personally have never tried one and can’t give any recommendations.


I have a plastic matte screen protector on my SP4. Over time (2 years now) it becomes like whitish in the middle from drawing with the pen on it. I will need to buy a new screen protector.
It also very distinctly marks every stroke - a microfiber thingy erases these marks a bit but it is kind of… annoying. So I am hoping that for the V I will need nothing, if I either ut a tissue between keyboard and screen or don’t put the keys against the screen…


The microfiber dingy is always a very good idea and even more without a screen protector.
I remember however having seen posts about low wearing resistance of the anti reflection layer.

Maybe usable for frequent pen use?


I looked and it does look I may have few very light scratches as I didn’t get an email about screen protectors and haven’t used the enclosed one because of this concern some voiced about scratching on the forum. I have a few packages of microfiber clothers, so I now am using one between the screen and the keyboard. I hope this will avoid scratches and also keep the display clean. Not sure if it will cause it to come on when in sleep or hibernate mode, so I just shut it down as it doesn’t take long to start up. Does anyone know if using a microber towel will cause the V to come on when its set to sleep or hibernate mode and the keyboard attached and closed?
Am I doing anything wrong? I see the eve email contents posted above but it still seems to say a screen protector according to each person’s needs, but what does that mean? If you want reflective properties, don’t use one, but if you want few scratches than use a screen protector?


I had a medium sized one between keyboard and screen from dbrand. It didn’t cause the laptop to switch between on and off but it also didn’t protect from scratches. Guess the magnets worked lol, and that I needed a larger cloth. Well I ordered a screen protector from brotect that everyone mentioned. Anyone know how long those take to ship to US?


I don’t know if this is the correct thread since there are many threads about the screen protector.

I am using a microfiber towel I buy for cleaning of my car’s clear plastic gauge cluster cover. It’s 80% polyester, 20% polyamide and not thick. But as I have been using it the keyboard magnets that stick to the display’s lower front edge are separated and not touching, though I could move the towel a little higher so the magnets connect if that is necessary. I have been storing my V like this when traveling in my zippered pouch. I need this to last a long time and I do a lot of reading and watching anime episodes so screen look is importart to me. I am still worried that a screen protector would need to be changed and ruin the anti reflective screen. I haven’t seen that question really answered yet (though it is possible it went sailing over the wave breakers inside my skull! lol) so I am hesitant to put a screen prorector on.

  1. Does the screen protector do anything to strengthen the glass against breakage?
  2. Can one remove (say the brotect v protector talked about some) the screen protector without ruining the existing screen?
  3. Am I okay using the microfiber towel as shown? Should I adjust its placement any?
    Any help is appreciated. Let me know if I’ve posted in the wrong thread.


I think since we are in this topic, Once all this shipping and sending V’s are settled,

My suggest is the Eve V team look into this and provide us with a screen protector that
fits to the specification of anti-reflective and strong… and purchase through the store.

Till then, seek our own alternative and suggestions. :slight_smile:


I would suggest that you cut the towel to the form of the V. your folding technique could make things worse.
And I heard anywhere, that polyester cleaning towels (which are made to pick up dust etc.) are a bit like abrasive paper… I would feel better with a soft cotton layer… or such a chamois leather for drying glass…


Those microfiber cloths are available from abrasive to very soft
I used a micofiber towel for a year now but not doubled.
The part staying outside is folded over the closed screen. As it is bright colored I don’t forget to take it with me.