Will Keyboard be off if flapped over for tablet use?


Hi, I did not find an answer for this.

If the Keyboard is attached and flipped over, will it be off? Otherwise I will press the buttons and the trackpad exidently - so it will be not be usable like this - am I right?

Any experience?


The keyboard senses the magnets at the top of the V. It automatically switches off when closed or flipped over. This even works when not attached as long as the top of the keyboard is aligned with the top of the V.


Thanks - great news.


@ToiletSheep How’s your experience of the keyboard being “flapped over”? Does it stay in place? I had heard some of the prototype keyboards detached, but that this had been addressed


It doesn’t detach, it’s quite tight. However, you have to be careful not to move it while it’s flapped back. It’s easily moved too far away for the V to sense the magnets and then the keyboard will activate. If you have a tight grip on it it should be fine.


Thanks for clarifying this.