Wifi issues with Eve V I7 512GB


Just got my Eve V I7 on Wednesday. Everything looked great.
I am having WIFI issues, so bad that I cannot even download Chrome. I can barely get to the Google website using the Edge browser before timing out or getting some No Internet statement from the browser.

Has anyone else had WIFI issues? Did Windows maybe change the driver doing setup, because it got through that without seeming to have problems.

P.S. Yes, I have submitted a Support ticket. Just thought I would ask the community while I wait for a response.


One problem that people have mentioned before is issues with the Google Router. If I remember correctly, the advice was to force connection on 2.4Ghz. However, if you’re not using a google router, that’s not going to help you :slight_smile:


I have a Synology RT2600AC router. My V is connecting to the 5GHz band… intermittently.


Ya if you have a dual band network (i.e. Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks are named This_Network), the WiFi in the V seems to wig out - setting it to “prefer 2.4ghz” seems to fix it.

I find that naming the networks This_Network2.4g and This_Network5g separately also avoids the problem.

Also - changing the channel works for a bit, but the problem comes back eventually.


Wickedly, you saved the day for me. This is exactly the problem. My router had combined the 2.4GHz and 5GHz and would “manage” setting up the various devices with the WIFI they needed or could use. This caused the Eve V to have issues. I wonder if this is something they can fix with the WIFI driver?

Thanks, saved my a lot of panic.


This seems to relate more to the Intel WiFi driver than specifically the V - every other device with that WiFi-card should have similar issues (except if the manufacturer set a preferred network).

We’ll check what we can do about it in the future. :slight_smile:


Just my 2 cents - I think its a hardware problem with the wifi card.

I had this problem, and my 2.4/5ghz networks are named differently. This has happened on every 5ghz network i have connected to… Different OS, fresh installs, etc all didnt fix the problem.
I finally got a replacement V (for something else) and all was better.
Maybe mine was a lemon, though.


I use to have issues with my WiFi network… I loaded WiFi Explorer and looked at the WiFi situation in my area… The 2.4GHz was so crowded that I turned it off on all my routers… Now, no issues whatsoever with only 5GHz…


when i updated to 1803 win 10, i also got a wifi issue. it ended up with messing with my vm capabilities