Why were my posts deleted?


Hi, I would love to know why our posts were deleted out of this thread and it was locked.

We were not off topic or negative. My question and others similar comments were reasonable.
The basic discussion was on if shipping timeframes for the original Dec 4th FS purchasers Vs were shipped not in a number order but a component specific availability order. Mine specifically was on the keyboard and possible problems with the vendor supplying them. Does the keyboard language/layout have an effect on the shipping of the Vs?

I would love to hear what we did wrong with this topic.


Yeah I noticed that my post has mysteriously disappeared. I posted 18 hours ago and now I can’t find it anywhere. I posted here:

Submit your questions for the April 20th Q&A here!
News & Announcements

How strange.


I have noticed a lot of posts disappearing too…
It makes me get this bad feeling that things aren’t right, especially when I don’t see too much other Team activities in the forums.

Crossing my fingers for a good stream/video tomorrow, since the censoring around here is getting kind of heavy.


I hope so. The problem is it may not even be the actual EVE team deleting them. We know they haven’t read a lot of the forum posts so I’m not sure the criteria for deleting posts.
I would rather see transparency good or bad than censorship. If it ends up being true that some parts are coming in at different rates (HDD sizes, keyboard layouts, CPUs, etc) then so be it. At least orders are being filled with the parts that are received.


Only EVE member have the delete permissions, others can flag them but not delete


Then it is probably because even though those comments were not, it was part of a discussion that was off-topic or unconstructive.

I’ve had some comments removed because even though technically they were not off topic or negative (I said SOME), they were in response to comments that were and leaving them there would be confusing af, you’d have no idea what the comment was about.


The Eve Team should spend their time dealing with support queries rather than deleting posts. It’s so disappointing. The V is an excellent device. Admittedly, there have been some quality issues on a minority of Vs and there have been production delays, but with decent communication with the community and buyers, Eve could have avoided much of the negative sentiment.

The webcast is a step in the right direction. But for a company that prides itself on being community focused, I’m surprised how little they seem to know about how to work with a community, and customers.


That is possible. I don’t recall all the posts above mine. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen a thread with the last x hours or days deleted and the thread locked with no reasoning. Only to be reopened a day or few days later.
I still feel/agree that communication will do far more for EVE and the community.
I will be watching the recording of the live stream tomorrow as I won’t be able to watch it live.


Just want to clarify that I have asked the mods why my babies non-off-topic replies were removed and that was the actual response I was given: They were part of a conversation and leaving them while deleting the others wouldn’t make sense.

So in this situation I’m not making wild guesses - just sharing an explanation that was given to me.


Unless I’m just not seeing it, my post about an ignored warranty request seems to have vanished too.

I know the normal logic would be to ask support, but when support don’t answer requests for an update, what can I do?

I just want to know what’s going on.



I have to big topics deleted yesterday… I think that this is what the V’s Community has to offer.


Digging further, the whole thread has been made non-public. I wasn’t the thread starter, so that’s a whole load of other people’s comments gone (for now, at least).


The question (and as such the answer) is two-fold.
The first is why the posts were deleted. Here @Wickedly is right, they were deleted because they were in response to an off-topic segment, and when that segment was deleted, the remaining posts didn’t have the context to stand on their own.
The second is why the topic is closed. Here the answer is simply that it’s old. We close old update topics when new ones are posted to avoid confusion. This time it was a little unclear because there wasn’t any “[x date] update” topic, but there was the livestream and subsequent transcription, which served as updates.

@sudoapt, I’ve sent you a message about your post to avoid confusion for the people who didn’t read it.

The people in charge of the community are not ones that would otherwise work on support queries. The support team is in charge of support tickets, while the community managers are in charge of the community. We are two separate teams.

I am currently writing an update regarding how we handle support in the community. It details what we’ve been doing and what we plan doing about it. Essentially a follow-up on Eve.community and the Eve support team.


Got it. Sorry. Allow me to rephrase: The Eve support team should be as responsive as the community managers: then there would be far fewer support-related posts/threads that would require deleting.


I have seen some of my posts being edited: as I did not see any change of my writing, I am sure they got moved into another category.

This forum is way confusing, I had been trying to find posts about suchandsuch and soandso (fill in whatever someone might search for) and I get a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of threads without a real answer…
I think they just want to make the forum as “informative” as possible, deleting posts which are not informative or at least which are repetitive… and, in my case, moving posts into different categories.

I think this is legitimate, and is as contributing to the community as anything. ANd is also a lot of work :slight_smile: . So, EVE-members, keep up the good work :+1:


Input for team/CM:

  • When you edit post or move it, add something below like. CM edit: moved from section xx

  • No thread should be deleted or unlisted unless it’s a severe case that could get Eve in trouble (illegal distribution of content, for example), otherwise it should just be closed to set an example to other members, which brings me to my next point.

  • Before closing a thread, reply with: Thread closed because xx. PMing the OP doesn’t really help because it doesn’t prevent other people from doing the same. In the end, you get 3729264927 closed threads all for the same reason

  • Hire an extra person (part time) or “repurpose” some of the existing workforce where his/her job is just to check whether a support ticket has been solved within 3 days or less. When not, s/he doesn’t have to reply to it, just notifying the rest of the support team to check it until it’s marked as SOLVED.


I have updated the title to be more constructive [removing the comment about this one being deleted].

@inffy thanks, from other posts I had read this was not what I understood.

@Wickedly thanks, I wasn’t saying anything about you when I responded with possibly.

@nawthor thank you for responding. I can understand that perspective and to that point I was trying to give a perspective that was both on topic (shipping) and in response to other comments. As far as locking the topic goes, you are correct there was no newer topic to put the comments on as there hadn’t been a weekly update because of the live stream (unfortunately it did not cover any shipping related topics that the weekly update would have normally). A possible solution when closing topics is to give the reasoning that the topic was closed and why posts were deleted (see @Patrick_Hermawan comments as well) . I have seen that done when a topic was reopened here.

The majority (if not all??) of us here want EVE to succeed and are willing to at least help with input if possible. Good communication is needed for community projects to succeed. I would rather hear an unpleasant truth than a nothing and be left assuming the worst.
“Your V isn’t shipping yet because the US keyboard layout got screwed up by the MFG and they are dragging their feet” or "Sorry we shipped XX peoples orders because their CC company actually sent us the funds, yours is holding them : ( "
Both of those examples are at least keeping me informed and one of them is giving me an actionable item, I can call my CC company and say WTF?? (granted Paypal is more of a pain but if 100 people call and complain about EVEs funds specifically something may happen)


No offense taken, I just wanted to clarify that this wasn’t a conclusion I imagined up like some of the other things I’ve said on this forum. :+1:


Mine has been deleted as well. Without any warning . Was about rejected warranty request for new V shipped with faulty screen with bad pixels.

I think eve.community is no longer community rather marketing tool that close people’s mouth when they complain on the “quality” of product they receive and generally are disappointed.


My question in thread: Submit your questions for the April 20th Q&A here!
has also been deleted.

This is insane!
Bravo @Team