Why is eve deleting posts


Come on Eve - very poor idea deleting messages and topics that put you in a bad light …

Try comprehensive updates and commitments - your customer base here are intelligent people - treat them as such …


They aren’t deleted, but new users can’t see them. They simply got closed.



The thread about refunds was just nuked last night. “So whats the status of refunds?” is no longer VISIBLE to anyone.


Lol, “FALSE” on your part man :stuck_out_tongue: Yes it is, I can see it just fine, but like @TheDestiny said: not just anyone can see it anymore. You need to have a certain trust level. Don’t know why it was closed though. But I’d wager it’s because nothing new was being discussed there, just more of the same venting and frustration you’ll find in a million other threads.

And if @anon68415131 is referring to the thread he started:

That was simply merged with the July 21st update thread, where the relevant discussion was already happening.

Simple housekeeping in other words.

And the argument about EVE deleting posts and topics that put them in bad light is laughable to say the least. If they actually wanted to do that, they’d be better off shutting down the forums altogether the way things are going as of late :joy:


As you can see, it was simply locked. Perhaps if you didn’t rage and troll as much, you’d be able to see it too.

That being said, I haven’t been here in a while but oh boy have these forums gone downhill. Honestly, locking them up for a while would be a good choice.


Indeed, it seems ridiculous to lock a topic without any notification nor a history of all replies. Isn’t it funny not being able to see the topic I created nor the status of the refunds and honestly I have only realised now that my topic was murdered


Disagree. Shutting down the forums would gain attention from the media, and all the media will report “Eve is shutting down the forum that they used to use to advertise the V”

Removing posts is perfect to hide all the fuckups thats happening, making everything looks good as if nothing happened.


My point was there are plenty other topics that are full of venting and frustration.
So it’s not like all of that goes away by closing this one thread…


This is where many of us believe that our posts/topics were deleted.

Nice way to ignore reality… but, if it makes the FanBoys feel better about EVE, so be it.

I don’t own this forum and the community can do/saw what it wants that falls in line with EVE’s direction.


No, I cannot see that it is locked… your snark is pointless and ignores the fact that it is hidden (or deleted? same thing from my POV) from others.

These games are certainly silly.


I want to be a dirty noob too


For me you’ll always be a dirty noob!


In other forums, even the post is closed or locked, you call still see the thread in the main page. The difference is that, when u click into the topic, it says you don’t have authorization.

By making this system, it allows doubters to understand the stuff working behind.