Why did I get a Cake?


Can anybody tell me, why I’ve got a cake now? Of course I like it.(OkI better like more of it, but hey :wink:)


Today is your cakeday! (and also that of all of these people: https://eve.community/cakeday/anniversaries/today)
If you mouse over the cake icon, it gives you an explanation :slight_smile:


I saw some got not a piece of cake but the whole pie, how did they do that?


It’s his actual birthday!


Partyyyyyy! yay



Happy Birthday @thedrawer!


Its his community/forum anniversary :slight_smile:


But your real birthday. So Happy Birthday!!! All the best wishes to you!


You get a cake and you get a cake and you get THE WHOLE CAKE! Mine was 3 days ago so I don’t get the cake anymore :frowning:


Thanks, again feeling old :grin:


Older without becoming wiser?
Just a purely technical question as you surely understand. :hugs:


When I read the title my first thought was - HEB folks got cake in their boxes! Then I thought that would be messy…


hahaha those days are way in the past already :smiley: